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Rail Grill

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Just this past winter we were doing some work in Blue Island when we rolled by a place I had never been nor heard of. The Rail Grill is a breakfast and lunch stop popular with residents of the community and commuters on the Metra who's Blue Island stop is just a short walk away, hence the name. It's pretty much what you would expect from a popular spot in the Blue Island area. Hot coffee and good hearty cheap eats. What drew me into the place was a sign in the front proclaiming the Rail Grill to be the home of the 'Derailer' hamburger.

a locals favorite in Blue Island

Intriguing, I think I need to try...

As we entered inside we were greeted by a very nice older lady working the front so we took a seat at one of the tables but they also have a U shaped counter that goes around the waitresses word area with stools to sit on for all the regulars. The walls are covered in old time railroad pictures from when Blue Island was a railroad hub for many manufacturing companies who shipped their product all over.

The inside

I have always long thought that the biggest (and best tasting) burger in Chicago is from Illinois Bar & Grill so I had to try a derailer. When I was there they had a group of six regulars all on a lunch break age ranging from college to adult and they were happy to be there eating the burgers. When one of theirs came out they showed it to me as he held it in hand and said "look at that, amazing aint it" and he was very happy to be getting full while on lunch break. I got mine with bacon and it was still under $7. Were talking a massive one pound patty, fresh patted with all the fixin's. The burger came out cooked medium well but who am I to complain? I was happy with my hamburger and barely able to finish it. It's easy to see why the hard workers from the neighborhood like to eat at the Rail. They make fresh home style cooked recipes at a very fair price. I see no reason this wouldn't be my regular lunch stop if I worked near there. Check them out. Happy Hamburger Month. Stay tuned, more to come.

a Derailer with bacon from The Rail Grill

Rail Grill
2239 Vermont Street
Blue Island, IL 60406
(708) 597-4343

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Phil said...

Looks like an awesome place. I will definitely give them a try someday.


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