Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hound Dog's (Hot Dogs & Teriyaki)

-Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

Here in Chicago we are very fortunate that we have so many options for a quick lunch scattered throughout the city that aren't chains. Hound Dog's is on the 2200 block of Grand ave right off Western ave. What puts this place on the map is that its a little different then most of your hot dog stands around town. Just like Budacki's Drive In they added some Asian flair to the menu.

Another fusion style hot dog stand

Hound Dog's is a popular spot with the working man. Its hours are from 6a to 3p Monday thru Saturday and they are open for breakfast and lunch. On the inside its a cozy little spot with a few booths and some tables in the middle and seats at the counter with copies of the days paper scattered about. Odds are there will be people in there eating at all hours they are open. Its very popular with the blue collar streets & sans types for lunch due to the bang for your buck they provide and the fact its more than just burgers and hot dogs. The popular menu items at Hound Dog's are from the Asian menu. Were not talking about anything Authentic but just good old greasy Asian-American foods like beef and chicken teriyaki, spicy chicken and veggies smothered over rice, fried rice and a favorite of mine- bi bim bop.

Beef teriyaki Sandwich

Chicken Teriyaki served over fried rice

I would say that the customers go with food off the Asian menu 65% of the time and food off the Chicago style the other 35% of the time. Its a great option for breakfast and lunch if your in the area. Most of the items off the Asian menu are typical American-Asian grease dishes but are very satisfying and sure to fill up so your not hungry again in an hour. I would recommend the teriyaki chicken with fried rice or the bi bim bop and the spicy chicken with veggies. I wasn't a big fan of the beef teriyaki sandwich, I liked the fact they loaded it with giardinara but the beef wasn't to appealing. This place is not anything fancy and doesn't try and be that, they are here to serve the people that are transporting your beverages, packages, mail and garbage around town and keeping fuel in their belly so they can get the job done.

The Hot Dogs at Hound Dogs are passable with Chicago's rich selection

bowl of Bi Bim Bop

Hound Dog's
2257 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL 60612
(312) 666-5797

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