Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fred's Burger

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Wisconsin

I recently took a ride to meet a friend and try a self proclaimed "best burger in the world" from Fred's bar in Burlington, Wisconsin. Its about a 75 minute drive from Chicago and not to far from Wilmot ski mountain. Its also known as "Chocolate City" because it is the home to a Nestle factory. Well its not just the home to chocolate treats but also one of the best burgers in the world and the childhood home of NFL superstar Tony Romo as well as River Valley ranch Mushroom Farm and their amazing five cheese garlic spread. Not to jump off topic but that five cheese spread is the best condiment from the state of Wisconsin. So theres alot going on in this little town that resembles most of America and the burger is the star of the show, the Dallas Cowboy's QB and boyfriend of Jessica Simpson isn't even a close second and he'd be the first to tell you that.

Fred's burger wins best of Wisconsin and that is an honor!

Fred's is your typical Wisconsin bar with some not so average food. Its a very locals like bar and a relaxing place to stop in for a beer and a bite to eat. The walls are decked out in Packers memorabilia along with tons of Tony Romo pictures as well as stories about the burger from a few different print publications.

Black Wednesday in Burlington

When my friend and I entered the bar, the bartender was quick to greet us and make sure we knew the deal since she most likely assumed we weren't from there with my Bears hat on. You seat yourself and write out your order on a pad at each table and hand it to the bartender who then brings it into the kitchen. When I peeked in the back of the kitchen I saw boxes and boxes of fresh Idaho potato's stacked up to the walls. A good sign, no?

Spotted Cow on even better sign.

Fred's homemade chips with Cajun seasoning

Fred's homemade curly fries

Fred's homemade chili...a hearty Midwestern blend.

But the star of the show here is the burger. Its a fresh ground (daily) 1/2 lb patty sprinkled with a little spice secret and then griddled until cooked perfect. They top it with a fresh homemade bun from a bakery down the street that is buttered and crisped on the griddle. They offer a wide range of cheeses but I had to go with good old American and grilled onions with pickles. This is after all Wisconsin, also available is a double, yes a double with bacon if you time.

If you could scratch and sniff this photo, you would be in heaven like I was when it arrived. I knew it was going to be the real deal just by the smell and love put into it.

Its so hard to declare one burger the "best ever" because there are so many variations and so many good ones across the country. How good was it? maybe and most likely the best I ever ate. It was my favorite large sized burger cooked on a griddle that I can remember, the best bar burger I can remember, the juiciest burger I can remember and the best burger in all of Wisconsin that I can remember and I lived and drove around the state for 4 years in college eating stuff like burgers and brats.

Notice the juice at the bottom of the bun

I got a chance to meet Fred who was arriving as we were finishing up and he was as nice as could be as were all his employees and all the regulars at the bar when we were there. They treated us well despite our Bears loyalty and it made the experience all the better. Its easy to see why Tony Romo is one of the nicest and most down to earth athletes out there. There was a framed newspaper clipping from the local paper the day Tony Romo signed his hefty contract to become one of the NFL's highest paid players.

Tony Romo is the real deal

The best thing about this place is its closeness in proximity to so many other good eats in Wisconsin. Which is just full of them. Burlington is about a 20 minute ride from Kenosha and halfway between Kenosha and Lake Geneva. The town of Kenosha is filled with good eats. Go over to LTHForum and search "Kenosha" if you don't believe me. Now when I want to I just get in the ride and drive, I can stock up on RVR five cheese garlic spread, Spotted Cow, groceries from Woodman's like micro brewed mustards and kringle's and Italian meats and cheese's from Tenuta's and grab a beer and burger from Fred's. Thats an area rich, rich, rich in food.

This is a big week in the NFL coming up for da bears and a few other contenders/pretenders and in the game of the week it will be Tony Romo and the Cowboy's vs. The Steelers. I never thought I would be a fan of the 'boy's and I still am not fond of T.O but Tony Romo has proven his worth to T.O, the team and his doubters since he came back from his injury. Can he do it again this weekend?

You know me and Tony are good

596 N Pine St.
Burlington / WI 53105
Phone:(262) 763 8370

RVR Mushroom Farm
39900 60th St.
Burlington, WI 53105
262 539 3555


Anonymous said...

Well done king tizzle. Your combination of humor, food, and sports is top notch..surely to get noticed by some high up exec. chef at the marriot

B,E0N said...

shit dude that place looks awesome... the homemade chips??!?

Kristina said...

Your a rockstar but you already knew that

Anonymous said...

I live in Burlington and while Fred's has tasty burgers they are NOT the best burgers. Have you ever watched them prepare burgers? They perform one of the biggest cardinal sins when cooking a burger. They CONSTANTLY press on your burger which will leave your burger dry and drain it of all juices!!! I've been there a couple of times (I've grown up here all my life) and both times (2 different cooks) BOTH were constantly pressing down on the burgers. If this place knew anything about making burgers they would know you cannot rush a burger by pressing down on it. Next time your in there just watch them they'll press down on it with the spatula constantly. They should all know this is a big no no. Another unattractive thing is a lot of people bring in small children that run around and yell (this place isn't very big for this) which can also make for and unappetizing atmosphere. I was in there on New Years Day and someone had the audacity to bring a screaming child in there and I'm not exaggerating when I mean screaming and we were the lucky ones they sat right behind. The whole restaurant turned around and looked at these people. We were half way through our meal and the father put his hand over the kids mouth and held it there and proceeded to tell the kid to shut up. Needless to say the child didn't shut up and they proceede to order. We finished up early and left because the screaming was so unbearable. If you want to go eat a burger in peace in quiet you need to go here during a school day or late in the evening. Either way you might want to request they don't squeeze the crap out of your burger.

KingT said...

Not sure what your talking about, I've been to the place you contest.

Fred's will cook your burger rare if you want it like that. As you can see from the pic of the burger in the post, it had lots of meat juice dripping out. Wasn't dry at all.

Anonymous said...

Fred's is awesome. great food, great people, and awesome burgers. Comming in a close second is Flippy's just around the corner. Flippy's has the best cheese fries ever!

Tedd Lupella said...

I am in agreement with Melissa? from Burlington because I have had Fred's Burgers and they are not even close to the best burger I have had.

I am glad the the blogger/writer of this story had a great experience at Fred', but most of the locals that I know don't think much of Fred or his highly hyped burgers. You want awesome burgers then come to my house - sorry Fred you don't have a prayer! One other thought, have you ever heard of a restaurant that charges you for a styrofoam container to take your burgers "to go" - Fred does just that!

By the way, I do like the home made chips, other than that Fred and his burgers are nothing special!

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