Sunday, December 14, 2008

The World's Greatest Hot Dog!

-The other Chicago-style Hot Dog: Depression Dog's

Did you think this was going be an article on Superdawg or Hot Doug's after reading the headline? Your dead wrong. Why is that whenever there's some sort of compiled list of the best hot dogs in America they always show one of those two places for Chicago's representation? nothing against superdawg or Doug and I love both of those spots and they will be featured here one day because every dog has its day, but Gene & Jude's is a legend in its own time and it's time is all the time. This is the best hot dog in America. Got it? Good. Located just 15 minutes or less from O'Hare in the suburb of River Grove it is a must stop for any tourist who wants to try the best hot dog on the globe and its been that way since 1946. I'm not sure when but they used to sit at the corner of Polk and Western in Chicago back in the day and at some point moved to the current location. Its right next door to one of those McDonald's connected to a gas station and idiots still go to CrApdonald's. Now that's a damn shame, I pity those fools.

The old hot dog stand from Polk & Western

G&J serves hot dogs, tamales, pop and punch...thats it.

If your a steady follower of the site then you should remember the post about Jimmy's which is my favorite hot dog stand within city limits. Check out the article for a full description of a Chicago depression dog. I love Chicago Style hot dogs but the reason we are the dog capitol of the world is because of our different types of dogs. Gene & Jude's is how hot dogs should be, the perfect example of a hot dog with its snappy encased meat on a steamy regular cheap bun topped with just mustard, chopped onions, relish and sport peppers and of course topped with fresh cut fries that are just divine. They are served in an assembly line so service is fast which means you need not worry about that line of people 30-40 deep waiting for a taste of heaven, a waiting line is a sure thing at Gene & Jude's.

The smooth running dog line at G&J

Folks of of my following, there is not a better meal on earth for under three dollars. The hot dogs are something like $2.25 and that includes a shitload of their fantastic fries. Demon Dog's in Lincoln Park is long gone (RIP) but thank god we still got Gene & Jude's. You gotta go with two hot dogs when ordering even if your not going to eat all the fries these dogs will leave you wanting more so order two so you don't have to wait in line again. I always get my usual which is a dog with everything and no relish and a hot dog plain. No I don't have the tastebuds of a six year old as far as that plain dog goes. I eat it with fries as the topping. Its just something I've done since my dad used to pay us off in Demon Dog's for yard work back in the day.

G&J plain hot dog with fries on top...mmmm.

I would estimate that on a busy day G&J's goes thru 2,500 hot dogs and its easy to taste why. The ambiance is the hot dog and fries, theres not much on the walls except for maybe a few plaques and articles about the worlds greatest dog.

The perfect hot dog

G&J fries go from being cut fresh and into the fryer in under 60 seconds

Gene & Jude's
2720 River Rd
River Grove, IL 60171
(708) 452-7634

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Anonymous said...

King T what up? This is your boy B Smitty! First and foremost the blog is the shit! Haven't had a chance to tell you yet. But there is one little problem. I haven't read a post on Jiberito's yet, show these cats what a plantain sammich looks like!

web design said...

No doubt this is the best dog in the chicagoland area. I'm fortunate enough to live right next door in Schiller Park.

kennymfg said...

We have a place in Streamwood called Nana's and I think the owners are somehow related to the G&J people. Similar, if not as good.

Regarding that McDonald's right next door, that used to be the home of the legendary Thirsty Whale.

KingT said...

Whats up Kenny, Nana's was really good on my visit there not too long ago. I would go often if I lived near but I didnt understand why they dont have sport peppers, great dog nonetheless. Ill be posting on it sometime soon.


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