Friday, August 3, 2018

Ridott Corners Tavern

-Got beef?
The Burgers of IL

My newest food project is burgers here in my home-state. It's something I tackled before but only in the form of the smashed crispy burgers found down in Central Illinois. Illinois is in the heart of the Midwest which is where you'll find the country's best old school burger spots. So of course there's plenty to be found in the Land of Lincoln. First up is a spot long on my list. Or at least on my list the past couple years after it was named one of 5 best burgers in the state by the Illinois Beef Council.

 Locals Favorite in Ridott Corners, IL

The trip to Ridott Corners from Chicago can be done in less than two hours. It's located 25 minutes west of Rockford. The bar itself is the only thing I'm aware of as far as businesses in the area go. They've been here since 1929. With Wisconsin being just 20 minutes North it's no surprise to find a bar like that which you'd find in Cheeseland. Except instead of Packers memorabilia it's Bears/Cubs.

 a peek inside 

The menu here is pretty simple. Burgers and beer with hard stuff too. No fries, chips. They come in the form of Mrs. Mike's which are made up the road in Freeport. Gotta love the regional potato chips. If you go while the weather is nice out they have a great little patio overlooking a bunch of cornfields.

Mrs. Mike's Potato Chips

As far as the burgers go each one is a 1/2 lb of fresh local beef. You get your choice of cheese and toppings all of which are the standards. Like the taverns in Wisconsin the burgers are cooked on a well seasoned flattop behind the bar. I tried one with American cheese and pickles, onion, mustard. Boy did it hit the spot. I'd been craving a burger for about a week but wouldn't let myself have one until my next day off which would be my shot at coming out here. Was it the best in the state? Well that's something that will always be up for debate as there's some really good ones to be found up and down. No surprise to find a fantastic tavern burger up near the IL/WI border. Our neighbors to the north know their cheeseburgers. Now it's time to see how my home state compares. Stay tuned for more.

Cheeseburger at Ridott Corners Tavern

Ridott Corners Tavern
1862 S Rock City Rd
Ridott, IL 61067
(815) 235-2451

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