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Fully Loaded Nachos & 17 other Super Bowl Recipes

Dish me out a combo: Food & Sports (a Super Post)
(Recipes with Pics below)

Playoffs?!?!?!? Playoffs?!?!?! that's right its conference championship weekend as we inch a week closer to Tampa Bay and Super Bowl XLIII and oh yea, Mons Venus too. I for one am actually happy the Bears didn't make the playoffs. Yeah I said it and no I'm not some fair weather half assed fan. I thought this season was one big lie and if we had made the playoffs, the fact that the Bears are a playoff team would have been a huge fib as well. When I look at this Bears team I see alot of work that needs to be done on both the offense and defense.

I'm sick of people talking about this Bears defense being a unit to be scared of, that's a lie. I love Tommie Harris and think hes a great guy in the community but he has been a lie. Nathan Vasher and Peanut Tillman are also lies. Mike Brown was finally healthy for a significant portion of the season and the defense still stunk it up even though they insisted that when healthy they were a super bowl defense, another lie. I'm not sure anyone besides Lance Briggs shouldn't be carefully evaluated.

The offense played better than I thought they would but I still don't think much of Kyle Orton and the Bears still have by far the worst WR unit of all time. Jerry Angelo better figure out a way to evaluate talent on offense and bring in some players so we can be a formidable super bowl contender. I love what Matt Forte did this year and think he's a very legit RB but any of you Bears fan's that think he is on his way to being an elite RB mentioned in the same breath as Adrian Peterson, Michael Turner and others is mistaken. He will be very good but he isn't great which means we need another running back who can bruise to lighten the load. I vote for change in '09 and I want Bob Babech's head on a stick. I also want the people at Taco Bell to cease all advertisements in Chicagoland. Get lost with your disgusting dog food and your ad's that are lamer than the Met's logo for their upcoming season. Luckily I'm here to give you some Super Sunday food ideas for your super bowl party.

Only thing worse than Taco Bell's ad's are Subway's. What the hell is with Taco Hell's fully loaded nachos and those annoying ass commercials that come with them?

To the people at Taco Bell: The only menu item that is even slightly edible (if starving in the dessert and dying) are your chips. Thats it just plain tortilla chips that taste like cardboard but not as bad as the dogfood you put on top of them. So why the hell would anyone in the right food state of mind want each and every chip loaded with dogfood? the worst part is I drove by a TB one day and this garbage isn't even cheap. If taco bells nachos are dogfood than mine are 5 star Michelin rated...and they should be. I always like doing the usual wings and chili as well as Mexican eats when I'm having super bowl parties. It tastes good, everyone tends to like it unless your from Idaho and like Taco Bell and it cooks easy for large amounts of people. Many of the dishes work for buffet style foods and any parties of celebration.

KingT's 16 in the clip & 1 in the hole Nacho's

1 bag of authentic tortilla chips (we use el ranchero in Chi)
3 lbs of skirt steak grilled and chopped into bite size pieces
3 cups of Mexican rice (make it easy and buy it from a taqueria)
2 cups of refried beans (same)
3-4 cups of shredded chihuahua cheese
homemade guacamole
chopped tomatoes and onions
sliced jalapeños
sour cream
red or green salsa
chopped cilantro

Start by grilling the skirt steak until nice and charred and then proceed to chop up the steak into little pieces. Start your broiler and set it on high.

Take the bag of chips and layer them on a wide oven proof dish and spread the beans and rice on top of the chips. Then throw the pieces of steak on to the layer. Please don't start singing "nacho, nacho, man" during the making of this dish.

Meanwhile set up a little buffet area with bowls of your nacho toppings selection so that people can put what they want on each one. Layer the cheese across the chips and place in the broiler until the cheese has melted down nice and good.

Announce that the nachos are ready and allow people to fill a plate with them and top the nachos with whatever fits their bill.

bada bing!

Shrimp Enchilada's
Recipe from: Tex-Mex Cookbook

The Grateful Dead once played a free show on Thanksgiving day in Austin, Texas at the famous Armadillo World Headquarters, a music hall that was the spot in the '70's that launched Austin into the live music spotlight. Just like any other band they needed to be fed and along with them came an entourage. They asked the chef to make Mexican food but some of them didn't eat meat. So AWHQ kitchen extraordinare Jen Beeman invented her famous shrimp enchiladas for the occasion. Here is the home adaption recipe from the book. You'll have to buy the book to see the recipe. This might be the best super bowl recipe book out there.

Jerry Garcia's super bowl food

Two Point Tostada's

Cooked Mexican Ground beef beef mixture (use a packet or make your own spice blend)
chopped tomato's/onions/cilantro/lettuce/hot peppers
salsa/sour cream
tostada shells

start by layering the shell with cheese and then top it with hot ground beef and top it with whatever suits your need. Feel free be creative.



Stacked Cheese enchilada's

1 package corn tortillas
1.5 cups of enchilada sauce or salsa roja
shredded Mexican cheese like Oaxacan or chihuahua
homemade guacamole

~pour sauce into a wide container and cover each tortilla so that it has sauce on each side and let the extra salsa drip off.

~place tortilla dipped in salsa into a frying pan with a little oil and cook on each side for 2 minutes and cheese and take off and repeat again however many times you want. you can bake this and make a pot luck casserole the same way by layering the tortillas and cheese.

cheese stacked enchiladas great for the don't eat meat freaks


Mom's bacon cream cheese asparagus shells

1 package phyllo shells
1 package of cream cheese
1 package cooked bacon (little bits) or chorizo
1 stick of sauteed asparagus for each pastry filled
1 lb shrimp

set oven to 350

cook shrimp in boiling water or beer for 2.5 minutes until they turn slightly pink.

mix the cooked bacon and cream cheese along with some of the bottom part of the sauteed asparagus and fill it in the shell and top each hor dourve with 1/3 of a shrimp and top head of an asparagus stick.

bake until cheese is bubbly.


Bill Swerski Polish

char grilled Barese sausage from Bari

Westernized PelMeni (Madison Wisconsin Pelmeni)

Cajun blackened wings with red beans & rice

loose meat sandwiches

cheesesteak sliders

Roast Beef Po' Boy's

frita cubanas

chorizo, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches

quesadillas de tito

West Texas Stacked Enchiladas

KingT's Tex-Mex Chili...check back next week for the art of chili.

...another round of super recipes next week.


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