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Big Easy Eatin' in a Windy City Winter

-Cookin' Cajun in Chicago (Recipes)
--Bears vs. Saints Thursday Night Football

Thursday night football is invading Chicago as the Nawlins Saints come marching into Soldiers field to take on Da Bears. The NFL really got it right with these Thursday night games, I expect a playoff like atmosphere at Soldiers. As good as the Saints offense has been this year they aren't ready for the frigid weather on the lake. As bad as both the Bears players and coaching staff has been at times this year we are still in the playoff hunt in the mediocre NFC north.

The Saints are a great home team but that high powered offense isn't going to be able to click in the cold weather, they aren't built for it. They are a much better home team and being away in 20 below outdoors isnt a good thing for New Orleans. The Bears however are built for the cold weather and have a ridiculous record as a franchise when the temp is below 20 degrees at home. We will ride ROY favorite Matt Forte to a victory under the lights on Thursday night. I expect a close game similar to the two team's battle in the playoffs in '06-'07 won by the Bears.

Matt Forte is making Bears fans forget this face

Ive mentioned before how nearly impossible it is to find good Cajun eats in Chicago so I just make it myself. Here are two different options you can cook up for the game if your not going on Thursday. Don't forget to grab some Abita beer from Binny's or to mix up your own hurricanes before the game so you have a liquor blanket if your in the stands.

First up is a Cajun dinner from Whole Food's so this can be made by anyone who has a WF's and anyone who can cook cup o' noodles can make this.

KingT's Cajun Blackened Wangs with Red Beans & Rice
-a bandit production for Eez

-2 lbs of Wing drumettes from Whole Foods
-2 lbs of chicken andouille sausage from Whole Foods
-1 package of Tony Chachere's red beans & rice or any other quick 20 minute brand

~Season the chicken wings with a Cajun spice dust of any sort homemade or store bought and let sit in the fridge for a few hours if possible. Start up your grill or get your charcoal ready at least 40 minutes before your wings and sausage go on.

~Cook the red beans & rice according to the packages instructions

~While the red beans & rice is cooking, grill your wings until perfect which is 35 minutes give or take. Just make sure you keep your eye on them and turn them often. Put the chicken sausage on the grill and cook until crispy on outside and juicy inside, take off when done. You'll know when the wings are ready to go when the meat falls off the bone.

~As soon as you take the wings off melt your stick of butter in bowl with a liberal amount of the Cajun seasoning and toss wings in the melted butter and serve alongside red beans & rice with sliced pieces of chicken sausage on top.


a Cajun dinner for people who don't do pork

Did I hear someone asking "Where's the beef" well its right here. I'm a big fan of the site and I have tried a few recipes from it recently. If you want yourself a real deal New Orleans Roast Beef Po' Boy and you don't live in NOLA then you better check this recipe out. This guy knows whats up and this po' boy is proof of it.

Roast Beef Po' Boy with debris gravy recipe

Roast Beef Po' Boy made by KingT following NOLACuisine's instructions.

I pretty much followed the recipe to the core except I added thinly sliced kosher pickles and a slice of cheddar on half of my sandwich. These were damn good, great for lunch or dinner and perfect for football gameday in the winter. It really tasted up to par with roast beef po boy's I have had from NOLA. It was however not quite as good b/c I wasn't in New Orleans at an old school joint listening to some music and enjoying the vibe with a bottle of abita to wash it all down. There wont be much of a vibe there Thursday night around midnight when the Bears take care of the Saints at a frigid or maybe snowy Soldier field.

Other Cajun recipes from chibbqking

Hot Sauce


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