Monday, January 5, 2009

El Taco Veloz

-Smokin' Bowls of Soup
-Late Nite Carne En Su Jugo

El Taco Veloz on Chicago ave.

In case you missed my post on the dynamite Mexican soup called carne en su jugo then you may want to check it out because I got another spot for you. If your looking for a bowl of CESJ on the northside then el taco veloz is a place that is of interest to you. Taco Veloz is located on Chicago ave in Ukrainian Village and its a cool place to eat and have drinks even if its the early hours of the morning. They have a large space with tables for seating and waitress service, a full menu of booze and on the weekends with the live music it can almost feel like your in Mexico. The menu is rather large and is filled with many different choices but the star of the show is the carne en su jugo. Is there a better bowl of soup during the Chicago winter?

a true Mexican specialty...perfect for Chicago winters

I wouldn't call this the best CESJ I've ever had but it is very good and you cant beat the fact its available late into the night and available at a place where you can also grab a Corona or Margarita and has plenty of other stuff on the menu for any dining companions who are too childish to try this potent soup. Please make no mistake this is an above average version. It can be quite packed on the weekends at night with all sorts of people partying and eating and during winter time there's always more than a few people indulging in the special soup. If you ever leave the bar with a taste for something warm like soup then this is the best bowl of it your going to find in this city after midnight. I give it extra points for the steak being charred and not poached. This is an excellent representation of the Jaliscan dish. More to come.

Hidden underneath the broth

El Taco Veloz
1745 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60622
(312) 738-0363

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Anonymous said...

This place is outstanding! One of my favorite things about Veloz are the pickled vegetables (carrots, garlic, jalapeno) that come on the table; they are strong, vinegary and great on the tortilla chips. They also serve delicious grilled onions, which are beautiful, charred, tender and taste great with everything, I like to put lime on them. This place is at the top of my list for Taqueria's around Uki Village.


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