Saturday, September 6, 2008

Quesadilla's de tito

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

One of the first thing's I ever made in the kitchen was probably quesadillas, they were one of my favorite foods as a youth and I still love them today. The quesadilla is another one of those foods that is so easy to make that it amazes me how many places put out just ok 'dilla's. I mean how the hell do you fuck up cheese and other fun fillings placed in a tortilla and fried? These will be the first to go at any football/tailgate party you decide to make them for. Just be ready for people to start bothering you to make them again. It would be nice if Emeril ate 1,000 of these and his heart just stopped...BAM! another notch. I keed I keed.

quesadilla's de tito

-2 Package's of chorizo beef/pork cooked down with peppers/onions for about 20 minutes (4 tubes total)
-homemade refried beans (smashed pinto beans with an assortment of peppers, onions, bacon, tex-mex powder) a can from the grocery store will also do.
- a few packages of corn tortilla's
-combo of shredded chihuahua and muenster cheese
-corn/vegtable oil
-Mexican crema

quesadilla's de tito

Take the corn tortillas and make sure they are warm and easily foldable, if not place them in the micro for 30-40 seconds. When tortillas are soft spread a layer of the beans on one and cover with two spoonful's of chorizo mix and a handful of cheese. Top with another tortilla and cook evenly on both sides on a flattop/griddle or in a shallow pan with a little oil until crispy and then cut in four's and serve with Mexican Crema.

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