Saturday, September 20, 2008

2.1 miles to Cuba

-New on the scene
Yes! The hype is real.

Here is an article in honor of Jon Gruden and the Buc's coming in this weekend. Bears win 20-17.

Im not wasting anytime on getting the word out on "90 Miles" a new Cuban cafe that opened near Belmont and Clybourn located at 3101 N. Clybourn. I had no idea of this places arrival or I would of been there the first day. I love Cuban food, I fiend for it so often after moving home from Tampa. Between my time in Tampa and plenty of WKDs in Miami, I developed a love for all of the amazing little Cuban joints from the upscale cocktail lounges to the coffeehouses where they didn't speak English...the women too. What a culture and it all starts with the cuisine.

90 Miles to Cuba...nope were not in Key West. Just 2 miles from Lincoln Park.

Finally got to try it today and was so damn impressed to the point where ill be back tomorrow. I wasnt going in and just getting a sandwich, I needed to try a few things so I got a Cuban, ropa viejo sandwich, papa rellanos, and a yucca frita. Cuban was awesome, the ropa was good and the rellanos, well when is ground beef stuffed in a ball of potato and fried not good? exactly.

One of my favorite types of sandwiches, the "Cuban"

The owners seemed to have done there work and are dedicated to doing it right. Its got the feel of a little Cuban eating shack and they had all the regional pop. Check out their menu, everything needs to be tried in my book. The Cuban omelette sounds really good. More to come.

Bottom to top: yucca frita (yucca fried with ground beef inside) Cuban sandwich, Ropa Vieja sandwich.

90 Miles (Cuban Cafe)
3101 N. Clybourne
Chicago, IL 60618
Closed on Sunday's

90 Miles Cuban Café on Urbanspoon

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