Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Banh Mi Lotus Seed

-The Sammy's of Chi

The Banh Mi is without a doubt a global sandwich power house. Top 5 as far as I'm concerned. It's become very popular on a global scale and can be found from Wichita to the Czech Republic. Chicago has some good spots for a Banh Mi but we could always use more. Enter Lotus Seed. 

Locals Favorite in Uptown 

First off this spot is not to be confused with any other Vietnamese restaurants that have 'Lotus' and or 'Seed' in their name. It's it's own place and they do a few other things besides banh mi but it doesn't seem like that stuff is much different from any other Vietnamese spots around the neighborhood. But where Bahn Mi Lotus Seed stands out is in it's prep of their Bahn Mi. They use a sandwich press. 

The Lotus Seed Special at Banh Mi Lotus Seed 

Lotus Seed offers a variety of banh mi including a popular grilled pork version. But I always find it hard to pass on a Banh Mi Dac Biet which is typically going to be listed first on the menu as this is the most popular way to enjoy a Banh Mi sandwich. It's like the Italian of subs / hoagies. The Lotus Seed Special is listed first and consists of roasted jambon and steamed pork with pate, cilantro, mayo, and assorted vegetables. The press warms up the fillings just enough to where it's kind of like a hybrid banh mi / grinder. It's unique but not missing anything that makes a banh mi so good to begin with. 

Banh Mi Dac Biet at Banh Mi Lotus Seed 

Banh Mi Lotus Seed
5100 N Broadway
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 564-9529

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