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The Original Nottoli

-Chicago's Italian Grocers

The playoff season is here and Da Bears are there. With people getting ready for the game Sunday I thought now was the time to take a trip to The Original Nottoli & Son located West down on Belmont ave. They've been here since 1947 serving the people of the neighborhood with longtime customer favorites like they're fresh Italian sausage as well as Italian groceries and hot food made on site like pastas and sandwiches. I'm a huge fan of this place and love going over there because you can get groceries and also have a great lunch and you never know whats going to be in the display case on the day you visit. What a great family run spot that Chicago is so lucky to have with all this corporate BS around town these days. Let's take a look.

a Chicago institution located on Belmont

As you can see in the pic above Nottoli & Son is not a large place. However they do pack quite a bunch of goodies inside the shop. There's only a couple aisles with the deli meat/cheese/sausage display case located alongside the store. You can find bread and packaged goods tucked below the case where inside of it they have a hearty selection of prepared foods like chicken parmesan, breaded eggplant and many other Italian favorites.

a look inside the shop

Deli meats and cheese

Prepared foods ready to go

It takes dedication and a commitment to excellence to do what Nottoli & Son have done since they opened up shop in '47. It's not just "lets make something average, throw in the case and someone will buy" nope not like they do at Jewel or places like that. No shortcuts here and that includes bottled products like their own hot giardiniera. They make a mean blend and it comes available in many different sized bottles. Heck they even have their own shop for it online right HERE. They do both a mild and hot version that can take any sandwich to another level.

Bottle of hot peppers

I mentioned how Nottoli is a great place to grocery shop and eat and that is indeed the case as you can see below. They have a big menu on the back wall with both sub sandwiches like the usual Italian and other goodies as well as a hot section. The hot section has their own sausage, meatballs and beef as well as a nice selection of paninis.

Sandwich menu

My go-to from Nottoli & Son when it comes to the hot sandwich is the meatball. it's one of the better meatball sammy's in the city and quite filling for a bargain of a price. The meatballs are full of flavor and of course their giardiniara makes it even better. In case you missed it you can check out my Chicago meatball marathon HERE. Nottoli & Son is featured in it. Not any different than anything else in that it too is also awesome is the Italian sub. Made fresh upon ordering and filled with quality meats and stuffed into fresh bread males this guy a winner as well.

Nottoli & Son meatball sandwich

Italian sub

As good as all this stuff already featured is, there's something I always get when I go to Nottoli & Son on Belmont. God bless their Italian sausage. Yep they've been making the old family recipe the same way since before they even opened up. These people are experts in the sausage making department and go thru tons of it on a weekly basis.

Sausage display case

Some fresh cooked Italian sausage

This is where I always go when I need to grill up a storm. I'll stop in and get a few pounds of each their hot and mild sausage along with a bottle or to of the hot peppers and some bread and we got a party in back. If you read my site you know I get around and have had many different encased meats during my time. This is some of the finest of its kind anywhere. Perfect for a football Sunday or any day of the week for that matter. Now get your ass over to Nottoli & Son and check out the goodness they offer. Please note they're closed on Tuesdays and Sundays (open Super Bowl Sunday). See ya next time on S'C'&C With the King.

Hot sausage (L) Mild sausage (R)

Nottoli Sausage Shop
7652 West Belmont Avenue
Chicago, IL 60634
(773) 589-1010

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