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La Unica

Caribbean in Chicago
-All sorts of Caribbean-Latin American

La Unica is one of my original go-to spots back when I first started exploring the city and all it has to offer food wise. Myself and another friend would make frequent trips to Devon ave to visit La Unica which is something of an apple in an orange bin. The stretch of Devon avenue where it's at is loaded with Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi and other Indian American heritage's and La Unica is a Latin/Cuban grocery store with a cafeteria in back along the side.

On Chicago's Devon ave

Whether your looking for some ingredients for a Latin American or Caribbean recipe or just trying to have a good satisfying lunch for a cheap price, La Unica is your spot. When you walk in you enter into the grocery store where they stock all sorts of goods including homemade tamales from all sorts of cuisines that make them and spices along with sausage and maybe some bottles of pop from somewhere warm. If you head to the back and take a left you will enter into the cafeteria where they have booths and a menu that would take a year to go thru. It features dishes from Cuba, Mexico, Peru, Columbia along with a few others. I've had many things on the menu but only had my camera on a handful of visits. Here are some of those snaps.

Part of the menu

Part of the display case with pop


I love me a Cuban sandwich, one of the best regional sandwiches in America is what they are. La Unica can be frustrating with their Cuban's. Sometimes they can be very good, although like most places the bread isn't what it needs to be. But then sometimes they arent what they were the time before. When they are on with their game its a great sandwich and under $4 so I really enjoy them when they are. I can tell by looking at the pic below that this Cuban sandwich was not their A game. Your going to see more from this place later on on the site but other dishes I would rec should you stop in are the fried chicken, three meat combo platter, the ox tails, garbanzo soup. hell, if it sounds good try it, the place is a great deal and the food us usually great.

Cuban sandwich from La Unica

fried chicken

La Unica Food Mart
1515 West Devon Ave
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 274-7788

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