Friday, April 20, 2018

The Biscuit Man

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One thing I'll always love about Chicago is our never ending choices in restaurants. Even for someone like me it's truly a pipe dream to think you could try them all. So with that there are spots that don't shoot onto my radar immediately. Take Biscuit Man for example. After learning about it through Nick Kindelsperger at the Trib I forgot about it only to have google refresh my memory when I recently went searching for Biscuits & Gravy. The Biscuit Man is a restaurant within a bar called The Long Room.

Locals Favorite in Lakeview

The Long Room sits on Irving Park road just West of Ashland. It's feature as you might guess is the long bar that extends from front to back. Right in the middle to the left of where you entered sits Biscuit Man. It's helmed by Chef Zeeshan Shah who hails from Albany Park in Chicago. According to the restaurants website making biscuits is a passion of Chef Shah. Since Biscuit Man is it's own thing you walk up to their window where you place your order and pay before finding a table to wait. Should be easy to find a table bc as mentioned the bar is long and has lots of seats. When we think biscuits we usually associate them with breakfast but Biscuit Man does more than morning food.

Fried Chicken Biscuit at Biscuit Man

The wife got a white meat fried chicken biscuit that they let you add stuff onto. Pickles and aioli were the additions. This was a good chicken biscuit though maybe not good enough to dethrone the current Chicago Chicken Biscuit Champ at The Roost. Though that doesn't mean Biscuit Man aint worth your time. He most definitely is. In my opinion the reason to visit is the biscuit and gravy. I didn't forget the "s" in biscuits. It's one big housemade biscuit. Which definitely passes the fluffy test. It's topped with a wonderful gravy (choice of bacon/mushroom) and comes with the option to add an egg which is the right thing to do. Man I'll tell you this was good enough to be loved below the Mason Dixon line. It tasted more like something I'd find in Nashville than Chicago. It was indeed a winner.

Biscuit and (Bacon) Gravy at Biscuit Man

The Biscuit Man
1612 W Irving Park Rd #3
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 665-8210

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