Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bistro 6050

-Grubbing in Chicago
Empanadas on Irving Park

It's not exactly in the city center but I'm surprised I haven't heard more about this fun little neighborhood space. It's called Bistro 6050 and it's owned by a really nice Filipino lady. Bistro 6050 has the feel of an old school soda fountain but it's only been open about a year and while they do have dessert drinks they're not like the ones our parents enjoyed way back when. They make smoothies, shakes, and bubble teas as well as empanadas and also both sweet and savory crepes.

Newly Opened on Irving Park

We visited on a Friday night and there was a really nice vibe going on inside. We saw what looked to be a few regulars (maybe family members) as well as a child's birthday party and a group of 20 something girls out for the night. Needless to say there was a bit of a wait for some empanadas.

Empanada Flavor Guide 

The empanadas are baked which is why you can expect a little bit of a wait. The flavor combinations represent much more than just the Philippines. As you can see up above you can try empanadas of all sorts. The best way to try a few is get the 3 for $7 deal they offer. So far I've been able to try the Barbacoa, Pulled Porky, and also the creamy chicken. The barbacoa has flavors of Latin America while the pulled pork is spiced with Filipino flavors and the creamy yellow chicken is due to the use of yellow Aji Peppers which are prevalent in Peruvian coking. I'm not the biggest sweets guy but the crepes were loved by the group of ladies I mentioned that were dining in. In today's food world so many spots are backed with big dollars and they all end up feeling the same. Not so here where it feels like a little bit of a blast from the past with it's true mom and pop feel. Go check them out.

Empanadas at Bistro 6050

Bistro 6050
6050 W Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60634
(312) 883-6050

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Michael said...

So it is new? I thought so at first but then it had some "chamber of commerce member 2015" type stickers in the window. I had just been to Charley Noble across the street but I'll check it out.


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