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-Grubbing in Chicago 
New to the 'Scene'

Sure we like to cover the less talked about mom and pop spots over here but that doesn't mean we dont get to the upscale new places taking the city by storm. Of course when we do it's never comped and isn't some special blogger invite party. I've never gone to one of those despite being invited to many. Free food isn't what we set out to do and I like to give places plenty of time to find their groove. Exposing good food is the only real goal. Our family did a Mothers Day dinner* at Trencherman recently and everyone left impressed.

On North Avenue in Bucktown

Located in an old bathhouse Trencherman is continuing the weird that went on there back when. Run by two brothers their menu isn't normal and some things make you wonder if that would work? Yep it pretty much all does so in perfect harmony like the '96 Bulls. Its an eclectic mix of pairings you might not have ever seen elsewhere. Their signature dish the Pickled Tots have remained on the menu since the opening and are the perfect plate to try so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Pickle Tots, Chicken Breast Bresaola, Red Onion Yogurt, Scallions

If I went back I'd have to have the tots again. One of my favorite dishes in the city it sounds odd and thats ok because it's tastes are beyond normal. Other appetizers tried were the potato gnocchi which I thought was excellent as did most everyone else and then a plate of beets. Those I wasn't expecting much from but combined with burrata, black olives, chopped pistachios and nssturtium...what? They're flowers with a subtle radish flavor. It all worked out. I was actually fascinated with a plate of beets

Potato Gnocchi with Mushrooms, Ham, English Peas and Tarragon

The Beets were Bangin'

We had a table of 8 which allowed for tastes of most everyone plates. They almost batted 1.000. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the fried chicken. It wasn't bad it just didn't do anything for me and was pretty normal compared to everything else. The menu switches up but the aged duck, the pork loin, steak and walleye were all wonderful. My mom got a prixe fixe course that included a piece of sea bass cooked with miso that she said was one of the best pieces of fish she ever ate. The also have a bar with a separate menu and do brunch. Everyone agreed we'd have no problem going back.

Fried Chicken and Grits

Pan Roasted Aged in house Duck Breast

Pork Shoulder

Hangar Steak

Walleye with Bacon

Prixe Fixe Special Miso Sea Bass


*Ok so the meal was my dad.

2039 W North Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 661-1540

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