Friday, June 7, 2013

The Green City Market

Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties

-Midwest Grown Produce, Handcrafted Cheese & More

Lincoln Park Chicago

When you ask any longtime resident which neighborhood in a city of them is best you're gonna get a biased answer. I'll always love Lincoln Park. It's where I grew up. Before you come up with some snark ass comment this was during the 80's and 90's. I was eating doubles at Demon Dogs, shopping for M-80's at Kozy's (Tavish today) and breaking into the Fleers Baseball Card Factory helping myself to uncut sheets before the boutiques arrived and the rent went sky high. I'm cool with its transformation, if its good for the city its good for me. As far as good eats in the area go its getting way better than Fast Food chains, drunken Mexican eats and bar food goes. On Sat. mornings its where the cities food fiends flock. The Green City Market is just another reason the neighborhood is on fire.

The Green City Market

I'm not going to get too in depth about the Market except to say it's the cities best and really a nice place to have. We're talking some of the best grown fruits and vegetables from around the Midwest along with amazing canned goods and other finds like Wisconsin baked cheese and organic pork steaks from Iowa. There's also some good eating to be done while you shop, always better to do that before! There's tons of info out there on the GCM but a couple current things I check are the twitter feed of @kennethaz who's giving tips on whats good there most Saturdays before others have risen. Also the Local Beet. They do good work covering the GCM and also the rest of the areas farmers markets. Let's take a walk around.

 Lets grab a refreshing smoothie before we shop around

You'll know whats in season, where everything is coming from and learn a few things while here

Michigan Berries

Wisconsin Mushrooms and Cheese

There's a Few Eating Options at the Market

Becker Lane (IA) Organic Pork Porchetta Sandwich Stand

Porchetta Sandwich

The Insides

 Don't forget your Greens!

Green City Market
2732 N Clark St #302 
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 880-1266
*Open Wed and Sat. 7a-1p

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