Friday, June 21, 2013

Chesterton's European Market

-Exploring NW Indiana

I took a walk thru the popular European Market in historic downtown Chesterton which is open Saturdays in the beginning of May thru the end of October. This is about an hour drive from Chicago and not far from the lake so if anyone is looking for a fun Saturday activity, the beach and a trip here aint bad.

A quick trip thru Chesterton's European Market

There were a few local farmers here selling that which they've grown but not as many as I would have liked to see. Maybe the number increases as summer and fresh fruits and vegetables come into full swing. There seemed to be alot of people selling canned goods and other fun stuff that they made elsewhere and sell here. The food options are pretty damn good. There's an Amish corner here where they have a few tents set up selling goods. The soft pretzel from Ben's was as good of any I have had.

Soft Pretzel from Ben's

Right next to Ben's was a tent where they were offering what I thought looked to be like the best buy at the Market on our visit. An Amish lady had a package that included a huge two pound bag of homemade noodles along with a dozen fresh eggs and a 1 pound stick of butter for $20. If I had access to keeping those cool and safe I would have bought but I didn't so next time. The most popular spot to eat at here has to be the Rolling Stonebaker.

The Rolling Stonebaker in da house

The couple that runs this amazing wood fired pizza truck that is based out of Beverly Shores is doing things right. One day they decided to chase their dream and now they're living it. You can find them roadside in Beverly Shores (Corner of US Highway 12 and Broadway) weather permitting. They also have a 2nd truck which parks at the Market each Saturday its running. Their market special pizza is always special but it they're out of that the margherita and regular mainstays are all fantastic.

Pizza Margherita is good but their weekend market specials are great

I couldn't help but notice while we were walking around that the place didn't smell like a European market, it smelled like some street corner in the Caribbean. Then we passed some guys on the corner across from the antique shop who had a whole setup going for island grilled jerk chicken. It smelled too damn good not to stop.

Island Grilled Jerk Chicken Stand

Along with the jerk they also serve KC style BBQ but everyone was eating the chicken which was making the place smell great so thats what I tried. It was very good. While I would of liked maybe a little more punch from the sauce itself the chicken was moist and the tastes of the islands were there. Fun day.

Mi a go a back

Chesterton's European Market

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