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Eggroll Crunch

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I've had today's place on the radar since my buddy, who works at O'Hare, mentioned it to me. He gave their deep fried snickers plenty of praise but hadn't said anything about the "Shanghai Style Dumplings" listed on the menu. So when I saw they served Xiao Long Bao aka soup dumplings it shot up on my list.

Fun little mom and pop spot in Bensenville

It's becoming rarer to find or be tipped about a place I haven't heard of that gets me excited to go try it. Anyone else out there doing any food exploring anymore? Eggroll Crunch says they're inspired by traditional Chinese dim sum dining. The menu is small and so is much of whats on offer. 

Dim Sum Eats

The namesake Eggrolls are different than most places and they offer a few different fillings for them. These are crunchier than most I've had, tastier too. I particularly liked the egg and Chinese sausage stuffed ones. Pictured with them in the collage is something similar to Jin deui. Red bean paste balls coated with sesame seeds and fried. The crab rangoon might not be authentic but they were awesome. Potstickers and green onion pancakes were pretty good too. The Soup Dumplings come four to an order and will set you back $3.25 per.

"Shanghai Style Pork Dumplings"

Let me first off state that I've never ate Xiao Long Bao outside of Chicago. So I'm no expert by any means. I'm guessing some people looked at the picture above and wondered why they "weren't served in the usual steam basket?" That I dont know. But I do know I enjoyed them and that they held up well as far as no holes and soup exploding into your mouth goes. I enjoyed the crab and pork ones enough to order 5 rounds for me and my buddies who were with me.


If you happen to be anywhere near I think it's worth seeking Eggroll Crunch out. Its all in the family with the daughter who's idea it was to open the place up-front and in the kitchen. Her mother and sister handle the recipes while a brother does the legal work. She was very welcoming and everything except maybe the fried rice was worth ordering again. Including those deep fried Snickers bars my guy loves. I'll be back.

Mini Snickers bars wrapped in won-ton and deep fried

Eggroll Crunch
11 W Main St
Bensenville, IL 60106
(630) 608-4318

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