Monday, June 17, 2013

R U Hungry?

 -Grubbing in Chicago
Where the locals eat.

As I was cruising thru the Back of the Yards on business recently I noticed a place advertising their homemade food and took note. It was a Sunday so they were closed, I decided to return a few days later while going south on 90. I was greeted by some nice folks behind the glass who were happy to have me.

51st and Hermitage in Back of the Yards

Glad I decided to stop in here. It'll be in my regular rotation when in the area. Which isn't often but nonetheless others are. "Fast Food with a taste of Soul" is what they do. As we got to talking the owner explained how aside from the gyro cone "everything we make comes from scratch". Menu has a few Chicago food staples including some Chicago Style Soul Food. Available in the winter the Pac Man is a sliced charred Polish sausage topped with chili and onions (option of cheese) served over Dirty Rice. Fish/chicken/pork sandwiches + burgers are all hand breaded/packed to order.

Chicken Sandwich

Wendy should be ashamed. This is the best damn spicy chicken sandwich I've ever had. Seasoned with spices mixed into a cornmeal coating this sandwich definitely had soul. It could of got a deal with Vee-Jay Records if it had been around back then. Not only is the food made from scratch but its a steal of a deal. I got an order of wings on a recent visit for $3 with fries. Well worth it.

 Fresh Fried Wangs

Soul Food offerings vary by day. A Mama someone comes in with her recipes on the weekends (Fri & Sat). I took a smothered chop with dirty rice and green beans lunch plate to go and enjoyed it. Both the sides shined and the chop was tender with the sauce similar to a gumbo base. For $10 total for the sandwich and chop I thought the place was great. Real red Kool-Aid is available for $1 for an 16oz and $2 for a 32. If sugar water isn't for you I hope Wildwood pop will do. Some good ballistic glass dining.

Smothered Chop and Sides

R U Hungry
1724 W 51st St
Chicago, IL 60609
(773) 434-4800

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