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Long Grove Strawberry Festival

-Feastin' at locals favorite festivals

Festival season is in full swing. I didn't get a chance to go to many last year. I just wasn't in a rush. But I did attend both the Strawberry and Apple Fest in the historic suburb of Long Grove last season. Strawberry Fest is coming up (June 21st-23rd) so I thought we would get this up a week early so families and couples could make plans.

Long Grove, IL

About 30 minutes from Chicago in Lake County sits the affluent suburb of Long Grove. Its one of the cutest little suburbs in the state. In the 1950's they passed an ordinance that opposed major developments so it's charm remains today. There's a covered bridge, ponds and some beautiful old buildings and homes to be seen as well as a quint little shopping district downtown. That's where they hold their annual Strawberry and Apple festivals (Sept.).

All things Strawberry

I couldn't figure out why these weren't melting on a hot summer day

Last year we attended Strawberry Fest and it was hot as hell out. The weather should be better this year if what we've had so far remains. While you might think attending a festival in a small suburb would be much less stress than the city that's not quite the case. They come from all over for this and every last parking spot available is taken during peak times but people come and go so getting  a spot isn't too hard. I enjoy it because of the charm of the area. You feel light years away from the city when visiting. Its a great place to spend the day walking around while enjoying the weather.

Strolling around

Of course the other fun things about festivals are the food and drink. I love festival food and I aint afraid to admit it. There's some good options here as far as food goes. Then there's also the Village Tavern where you can step inside away from the heat and drink some refreshments while cooling down. They get into the theme too and have strawberry brews and cocktail concoctions. The beer garden is next door and all the food stands and bands line the streets of downtown. Enjoy the tour.

Cooling down at the Village Tavern

There's some good festival food to be had here

Good Eats

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