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5 More Fried Fish Sandwiches

-Grubbing in Chicago
Fish Sandwich Special

Is the humble fish sandwich making a comeback in urban areas? I cant say for sure because it's not too often that food trends come from the Midwest. That said there's plenty of fish sandwich culture in the Midwest as I discussed in a previous post earlier this year. But for whatever reason they're not as popular in Chicago as they are in Middle America, or Los Angeles for that matter. A fish sandwich feature in the locally loved Los Angeles website LAtaco gives us hints that the fish sandwich could be making a comeback. I'm all in on this one. In fact I have plans to do a fish sandwich stand pop-up of my own if I can ever find the perfect pairing as far as a host goes. In the meantime I have a list of five more fried fish sandwiches I've tried around town. Find my previous fish sandwich roundup HERE.


Parson's Chicken and Fish 

The popular summertime hang in Logan Square is quickly becoming a miniature empire with locations opening what seems to be monthly (not really but they now have four spots across the city). While it's those Negroni slushies that helped propel them to becoming a namesake fixture in Chicago's dining scene don't sleep on their excellent fish sandwich. They use a pollack filet that gets a brittle batter like crust making for a crunchier fish sandwich than most. They also do a good job of melting the slice of American cheese which I think a good filet o fish type sandwich needs. Some fresh pickles and lettuce go with a zippy tarter that gets its job done. A contender for the city's best fish sandwich.

Fried Fish Sandwich at Parson's Chicken & Fish

Ramen Wasabi

The fried fish sliders at this always busy Logan Square ramen shop are a sleeper menu item. I imagine them to be what White Castle wishes it's fish sliders tasted like. Small filets of cod are cut to fit on a baby brioche bun and come panko breaded dressed with pickled pearl onion, mayo, japanese bbq sauce. I actually pick a couple up now and then without getting ramen (I prefer their sister spots for ramen). But these addictive little snacks make for a great appetizer pre-noodles and sushi.

Fish Slider at Ramen Wasabi

Oyster Bah
Over in Lincoln Park you'll find Oyster Bah which is a New England seafood shack inspired spot with a full bar and lots of seafood options on offer. It's ran by the daughter of the Shaw's family so she knows a thing or two about seafood. The menu has a crispy codfish sandwich described as apple cider battered, with lettuce, American cheese, garlic aioli, pickled onion, tartar sauce. Served with coleslaw and fries. This was on the pricier side compared to others and not quite as satisfying do to a smaller piece of fish that was slightly over-fried. Though there were fries included they were a below average factory produced brand. That said I was getting the clam chowder from here often last winter.

Crispy Codfish Sandwich at Oyster Bah

L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge

This place is an an icon out in Lincolnwood for which it's name is a play on. It's one of Lettuce Entertain You's older venues and in my opinion one of their best spots. It has the looks and feel of a classic Northwoods type restaurant and watering hole which is hard to pull off when not done naturally. The menu has something for everyone so it's popular with families and groups of old ladies out to eat and the likes. I stopped in one sunny day recently and dined outside with an old friend. I knew I was getting the walleye as soon as we decided on meeting here as I had plans to get over for one sooner than later. I'd had it a few years back and enjoyed their offering. This one was also good but something was missing. It may have been something as simple as some lemon for the fish or shredded lettuce instead of a bunch of leaves. It was harder to eat bc of the toppings being too much. But they make a great house tartar sauce and serve their sandwiches with a pickle slice which I like.

Walleye Sandwich at L. Woods Tap

Hienie's Chicken and Fish

I spent a recent #FishSandwichFriday with a Chicago icon out at 104th and Torrence. Hienie McCarthey’s has been frying up chicken, fish, and shrimp since 1947. All of it fried in a mix of vegetable oil and beef tallow. Served with a hyper local to the area hot sauce that’s neon orange in color and vinegar forward in flavor. Originally developed in the 1950’s as a dip for Vitners Pork Rinds the sauce is now called Hienie’s no matter where it’s served (it’s served all over the area and popular with everything from fried chicken to chips). I never had the fish sandwich from here until my recent visit when I learned it’s two fried pieces of lake perch. At just $4.25 (with fries) I figured it was a frozen pre-breaded fish patty but I should’ve put two and two together as Hienie’s serves terrific lake perch and even breads their onion rings in-house. If there was one downgrade to this it’s the fact the buns come from the fridge and don’t take a trip to any type of heating device. Fix that and it's dynamite.

Fish Sandwich at Hienie's

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