Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Pizza Friendly Pizza

-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

Every couple of months a spot will open in Chicago and receive the full blown food media blitz. By which I mean the few outlets left that are still dedicated to covering food in Chicago will be talking about it. The latest spot to receive this treatment is Pizza Friendly Pizza from Oriole Chef Noah Sandoval and team. This was one you could see coming as Oriole is considered by many to be the city's best fine dining restaurant but in the days of covid it's pizza that's been the popular pick. Which makes total sense all things considered. Last month I wrote about how Quesabirria is one of the country's hottest food trends and square pizza is another one that's hot. A handful of the trendier spots have added pizza to their menus and in the case of Pizza Friendly Pizza some chefs have opened new places entirely which focus on the popular style of square and rectangular pizza. As always this trend can be directly attributed to one of the coasts which in this case is out east in New York City. That said Detroit style pie has been trending for a while now. Of course NYC also plays a part in that. Pizza Friendly Pizza is doing Sicilian pan pizzas out of the old Bite Cafe on Western.

 Newly Opened in Ukrainian Village 

I visited Pizza Friendly Pizza during week one of it's existence. I'm guessing they have plans to eventually open the inside dining area but for now it's outdoor dining and takeout only. You have to go around the back and you can follow the sign for pizza at the corner of Western and Cortez. They should have someone directing the line which is something you should expect. It's one of the more popular openings of the year. I lucked out on my visit in that there was only a few people in line but that changed by the time I was leaving with my pizza. It's a walkup window type setup and there's a few tables scattered around the back if you want to dine in. The menu features four types of pan pizza, a few sandwiches, and some salads. Booze is available while you eat or wait. For now takeout is slices only as far as the pizza goes. If you want to order a full pie you need to plan ahead via tock.

Sicilian Pan Pizza at Pizza Friendly Pizza 

I decided to try three of the four pizzas on offer and very much enjoyed them all. That seems to be the verdict from pretty much every food media related person in town. Steve Dolinsky is the city's foremost pizza expert and he did a whole feature on square pizza HERE. The team at Eater Chicago recently placed Pizza Friendly Pizza on it's hottest pizzas in the city list. Mike G. over at Fooditor enjoyed a stop and had some good advice in that it's best reheated. There's instructions on how to do so but yeah when it's all made ahead of time the cheese isn't going to be hot by the time you get home. Nick K. at the Tribune is currently doing a slice roundup so you can expect to read his thoughts soon. But if you follow him on Insta you already know he liked it. Still waiting to hear from Sula who's always zigged when others zag so we may stay waiting. Over in the social media realm there's a guy I follow @brianerst who really knows his pizza. He said "The crust is super light and very crispy, if a little bland. The toppings were top notch - nice sauce and good cheese." Perhaps the most in depth review has come from another guy I follow on Social Media @zemanation. RIP Phred.

The Insides 

Pizza Friendly Pizza
1039 N Western Ave
Chicago, IL 60622

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