Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Sweet Pepper

-Grubbing in Chicago
Venezuelan Bowls in Lincoln Square

What's happening over in Venezuela is sad. Many residents have been forced to flee and start a new life in places like Chicago. Restaurants have often been a popular way for immigrants to ease themselves into life in another country. For those of us lucky enough to never have to deal with such stuff we'll never know what life was like back where they came from. But we can get a taste of it.

Locals Favorite in Lincoln Square

Sweet Pepper Venezuelan Food Bar is one of handful of Venezuelan spots to have opened up shop in Chicago over the last few years. It sits in small space of a building that houses other tenants too. They call themselves a food bar bc the setup is alot like many other fast casual concepts such as Chipotle. You pick how you want to eat your meal (arepa, rice bowl, salad, plantain) and which meats and toppings you want. Obviously the arepa is the most traditional way but for those that don't want a sandwich their bowls are a good way to go. I tried one with Pabellon (shredded beef) alongside rice and some back beans which I had topped with Caribbean cheese. Some fried plantains and avocado rounded out a great meal. They have a few options of homemade sauces on the side and I rec their sweet pepper which is more sweet than spice as Venezuelans don't really eat all that spicy.

Pabellon Bowl at Sweet Pepper 

Sweet Pepper
2604 W Lawrence Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(872) 208-5665

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