Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Nick's Tavern

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi (land)

The 2011 BMW PGA Championship is this weekend at Cog Hill in Lemont. Although were not headed onto the green's we will head over that way to a famous tavern in the area that's said to have one of Chicagoland's best burgers. Nick's Tavern opened up where they are in their current location in 1945. I would say that aside from the TV's and some other essential technology that comes with time nothing has changed inside. Let's take a peek.

Longtime locals favorite in Lemont, IL

As we enter

They've definitely upkept the place as it's got the old school charm that comes with taverns that have been around this long, yet none of the longtime dust and all that other stuff. One of the cooler things they have is an old Bevador cooler that still works with plenty of cold beer bottles kept inside. Each of my my visits to Nick's were pleasant times made possible by the friendly people both behind the bar and those sitting at it. They're just like your favorite low key hangout. Popular on MNF and packed for important Chicago sporting events. The menu, although small wont let you leave hungry. Beef is what the menu is here as in they serve burgers, Italian beef, all beef hot dogs and chili. Nachos and bags of chips are your side choices. My last visit this past winter was a nice one with their massive chili cheese dog warming me up.

Chili Cheese Dog from Nick's Tavern

The star of the show over there aside from the beer is their popular Nickburger. It's a giant preformed patty that can comes topped with the usual suspects including some really nice grilled onions. I can see why this is a popular snack seeing as they're served in a bar. Lots of people myself included would and do love the Nickburger after you've had a few. I liked it but thought the patty itself would and could have been better if hand patted the way the best taverns do theirs. Since the menu is so small and the Italian beef is already ready to go, I don't think it would be too much work but I as long as the locals love it you don't change it. Great spot to grab a bite and some cool air for those in or near Lemont and all you golfers that get to Cog Hill. Fun place, the type of spot I would want near where I live.

The Nickburger

Nick's Tavern
221 Main Street
Lemont, IL 60439
(630) 257-6564

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