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Devil Dawgs

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

School is back in session all around the country. So today we head over to a hot dog stand in Lincoln Park located in the Depaul University part of the neighborhood. Devil Dawgs opened up a few years back with the idea of bringing the students of Depaul a hot dog stand. It's a small little spot that sits in what I believe used to be a florist shop or maybe a cleaners. Nonetheless it's done well since it's opening and I can concur its worth a stop, even if your not going back to your dorm sloppy drunk at 2a on a Friday.

a favorite stop of Lincoln Park partygoers and students alike

I was at first very interested when I saw Devil Dawgs set to open up in the old neighborhood. As a kid we lived off the now gone Demon Dogs, I was hoping they were going to either be people who were at once associated with the former all time great hot dog stand that used to sit under the Fullerton el stop or trying to bring back what Demon Dogs once was. It's not exactly Demon Dogs but this doesnt matter because Devil Dawgs is dope too.

My old favorite from my youth, RIP (Pic by halo969 flickr acct.)

The menu is fairly small and to the point. You got hot dogs that come in both Chicago styles, that's pickle and all as well as the minimalist with just mustard, onions, relish and sport peppers. They also feature a few other hot dog toppings as well as fresh cut fried and burgers. I think on my first trip I went with their version of a Coney dog and came away impressed to the point where I've had quite a few since. One of the better Coney's in Chicago I like their sauce a whole lot and also am a fan on melted shreds of real cheddar on top. One of the best dogs around with a Chili/Coney topping is what I would consider them to be.

Coney Dog from Devil Dawgs

They also do up some world class fries over there. Fresh hand cut and always fried to a perfect crisp I think Devil Dawgs could hold their own with anybody around when it comes to their fried spuds. Fries dont come with dogs but orders do come with a whole bunch of them in it. A few people could easily split a bag amongst each other. They use Red Hot Chicago brand for their dogs which are very tasty but I still like the other dog options better than the Chicago from here anyway.

Fresh Cut Fries from Devil Dawgs

Chicago Style

Another real treat worth checking out is something I "created" on a visit. I use the quotes because I didn't create the West Virginia slaw dog but I did first ask for it to be made. They offer cole slaw as a topping which is a popular pick in the south. Since they also have the Coney sauce I said why not, I've always wanted to try one. Hot dog with chili sauce, mustard, onions and cole slaw is the closest thing your going to get to a slaw dog in Chicago.

West Virginia Slaw Dog in Chicago

But the real star of the show at Dawgs are the burgers. I wasn't expecting this when I first tried but was told so by a bartender at a bar I frequent down the street. HE said they reminded him a little bit of In and out and while I wouldn't say that I would say they are great, best in LP for this style for sure. They take fresh ground sirloin steak patties which are trimmed to order. They'll throw the ball of beef onto the flattop and smash it, my preferred way, and then top throw them on fresh egg buns. They're small and come in single, double and triple form and I love a couple doubles after a night out in LP. If I was a student at Depaul I would of been here daily for one or two of these. Lucky for me, I'm in the neighborhood. Check 'em out and follow me @chibbqking.

Double Cheeseburger from Devil Dawgs

Devil Dawgs
2147 North Sheffield Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 281-4300

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