Friday, March 12, 2021

Shaw's Crab House

 -Grubbing in Chicago
Fresh Seafood in River North  

Today I thought I'd share an old meal from Shaw's pre-corona. Not a spot I get to often (that's case for all of downtown) but a place I always enjoy when we do go. Last trip in was a farewell dinner for a friend that was getting married. This put about 20+ of us in their special dining room where the service was magnificent. As it should've been considering all the seafood we ordered which was enough for major Lettuce Entertain You loyalty points. Shaw's just might the restaurant groups best spot. 

Locals favorite in River North 

Shaw's is one of the best seafood restaurants in town. I wouldn't say our seafood game here is strong but we got some good spots and Shaw's is often mentioned among the best of them. Fresh seafood is what they do. Which means the menu can switch with the seasons. On this visit it was still stone crab season and since the bill was being split amongst all of us I got a few rounds for the table. 

Oysters and Stone Crab Claws at Shaw's

Even though this is a seafood restaurant I love how they have all the common steakhouse sides. This makes for a great place to go with a group bc of that. But you don't want to fill up too much on the sides bc the seafood is what they do really well here. Particularly the lake perch when it's available. For my money it's the best you can buy in the region. Smaller filets (they're more tender) are lightly pan fried which is just perfect bc they're the type that will fall apart if you try to pick up a piece from one end. A sign of their freshness in terms of not being fried to a crisp. Some spots serving lake perch get the breading too crisp. Sure the lake perch dinner cost a little more here than it would from a shrimp shack or whatever but the quality difference is worth it from what I've tried. It hits the spot. 

Lake Perch Plate with a Crab Cake 

Shaw's Crab House 
21 E Hubbard St
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 527-2722

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