Friday, October 13, 2017

Jr's Red Hots

-In Chicago: Every Dog Has it's Day

When Sam's Hot Dogs on Armitage closed it looked like it was going to be the end of an era. The corner where it sits has had a hot dog stand forever. With the way the neighborhood keeps going it seemed like it's closing would make way for more condos or maybe a mattress store. So when I heard that it was bought by the owner of of the taco shop across the corner I was happy to learn that it would stay a hot dog stand. The owner bought it for the son who fixed it up and changed names.

Newly Opened in Bucktown

Well I really like what they did with it. Sam's was cool in that classic sort of way but the dogs were skinless and the crinkle cut fries were always mushy. As long as the folks at Jr's could improve upon that they would improve upon the stand. And that's what they did. They now serve a 6/1? natural casing Vienna Beef wiener and it comes with fresh cut fries. Immediately making it a legit spot for a Chicago dog in the dragged thru the garden style. Extra points for outdoor seating in the summer.

Chicago Dog with Everything at Jr's Hot Dogs

Jr's has a small menu but not as small as Sam's used to have. Aside from hot dogs and Polish sausage they also offer chicken sandwiches and burgers. I thought the burger was good in part bc it was a char-grilled burger but it wasn't anything to get to excited about. Thus I'll stick with the hot dogs. I've driven by and seen aguas frescas (Mexican Water Juice) for sale on the sidewalk and that's another added bonus to this place. I was however kind of hoping they incorporated a Mexican Danger Dog onto the menu, nonetheless this is yet another hot dog stand worth stopping at for a hot dog.

Char-Burger at Jr's 

Jr's Red Hots
2345 W Armitage Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 666-5444

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