Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Yummy Yummy Noodles

-Grubbing in Chicago
Noodle Soup in Chinatown

To get an idea of Chinatown Chicago's economic boom take a look at a place like Yummy Yummy Noodles. These people started out in the basement at Richland Center and worked their way into a B&M located just off Wentworth with a side entrance on 23rd. They're not the first place to graduate so to say. I did visit Yummy Yummy once when it was in the food court but it wasn't until they moved that it found a place in my rotation. With weather being crap of late it's time to welcome them back.

Locals Favorite in Chinatown 

I've been to yummy Yummy a handful of times but I'm by no means well versed in their menu. I haven't been able to get past the noodle soups. They have a long list of options and you can choose which type of noodles you like. My favorite is probably the spicy beef brisket made with rice noodles but they have so much more on the menu. Another option that I really enjoy is their wonton noodle soup. This isn't a dish that I've gone around trying bc I think they do a fine job and it's cost is less than a value meal at McDonald's. Nothing special as far as prep but the wontons are delicate and delicious. Meanwhile noodles in broth always hits the spot for me. Especially on a cold rainy day.

Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup 

Yummy Yummy Noodles
2334 S Wentworth Ave #105
Chicago, IL 60616
(312) 842-9880

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