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Patio Beef

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Every now and then I get the taste for some Chicago style fast food. Not even necessarily a hot dog or an Italian beef so to say but just something cooked up at one the 100's of spots scattered across the city that boast a menu similar to the rest. While the menus may be similar the food is usually not. Some places are better than others and some put forth more effort etc. Patio Beef is a place that I've always appreciated for it's authentic atmosphere as far as a Chicago style fast food stand goes.

Locals Favorite in Edgewater 

I've been going to Patio Beef here and there since my grade school days. I remember when I used to be mad jealous at our Dean in grade school when he got to eat Patio Beef for lunch. I'm pretty sure the lady who's most always in there now was so back when. I thought I had a pic somewhere on my computer of the hot dog but I dont. That said it's nothing special and not the reason to stop into patio beef and eat. For that matter neither is the beef. Like the hot dog it's not bad but nothing that will make you switch over from your current go-to spot. Everything is done well here but none of it is going to be called the best in show except for maybe the Chicago style food artwork on the wall.

Chicago Style Art 

The one thing that keeps me coming back is the chicken kebab sandwich. We dont usually think Greek grilled chicken when the thought of Chicago style fast food comes up but we should. With many of the joints being owned by Greek people it's no surprise to find good Greek marinated chicken at lots of them. Much of the time it's just called chicken and comes served in sandwich form, rotisserie style, and also kebabs like those at Patio Beef. You get two skewers of heavily marinated well charred chicken thats cooked until tender. They come on top of warm pita bread with Tzatziki sauce, lettuce, and tomatoes. Your choice of rice or fries. Having grown up on this kind of stuff it still comforts me to this day. I'll always choose a place like Patio over corporate crap like Chipotle etc.

Chicken Kebab Plate

Patio Beef
6022 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60660
(773) 764-8500

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