Friday, February 10, 2017

Little Bad Wolf

-Got beef?
The Burgers of Chi

Ever since hearing about (and seeing) the much hyped burger at Little Bad Wolf I had a mental note to go. It took a while but I finally made it over to the local watering hole where bar food gets slightly elevated or at least cultured. Aside from the extremely popular burger they also have much loved tacos and bao buns. It's elevated bar food offered with a slightly elevated drink menu. Let's roll.

Locals Favorite in Andersonville 

I like the clever way they break the menu down with sections like Pinch (Appetizers), Fold (Tacos and Bao), Grab (Burgers) etc. It's not an extremely large menu but they have most of the favorites as far as bar food. The difference is in the recipes as most of this stuff is made fresh and not grabbed from a freezer. While it might not be corn season I thought the elotes were well made and tasted as good as they probably do in the summer. By the time you add mayo, togarashi and other ingredients mixed in it's about more than just the corn. The beer battered avocado was also well done. Probably the best piece of fried avocado I've ate. Lots of spots mess this up. They should use it as a taco filling.

Elotes - chili aioli, cotija, togarashi, beer battered avocado

While the burger gets lots of love so do the tacos and bao buns. I know someone who said these were the best tacos in Chicago but I also know that person doesn't get out much. While they certainly aren't the best tacos in Chicago they're better than most other white peoples tacos. If you need to know what white peoples tacos are those would be the spots where the clientele is predominantly white. Places like Little Bad Wolf. That doesn't mean the tacos cant be good, heck I just said they were. I'm just saying they probably shouldn't be compared to the real deal taco spots found around town as they're different aside from the fact they're called the same thing.

Fish Taco (L) Fish Bao (M) Shrimp Taco (R)

But the reason I was here was the beloved burger. How would it stack up against the rest? This is a classic double cheeseburger served in the diner style that's taken the globe by storm. While burgers are available as sliders and also served as a triple cheeseburger it's the double aka the 'Bad Wolf' that catches all of the praise. It's toppings are minimal with two slices of American cheese, house made pickles, and mayo. The brioche bun holds it all together quite well but I felt it was a little too dense and not as soft as others I've ate. Still though this was a damn good burger that cracks my top ten in Chicagoland. It's $12 price-tag put's it in the fancy category but they come with a basket of thin fresh cut fries that are pretty good in their own right. All in all this is exactly what they said it was going to be and that's elevated bar food. Extra points for well made cocktails. I'll be back for that burger.

Bad Wolf Burger

Little Bad Wolf
1541 W Bryn Mawr Ave
Chicago, IL 60660   
(773) 942-6399

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