Monday, February 6, 2017

Makki Fast Food & Grill

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Diverse Eats

It's an interesting time in America right now. Without getting to political I'd like to address the current Muslim ban by showcasing a Muslim owned Chicago restaurant located in an Albany Park strip mall. Makki Fast Food is a pretty typical Chicago style fast food outlet with a few minor differences than others. As mentioned this is Muslim owned and the menu isn't just hot dogs, gyros, and Jim Shoes.

Locals Favorite in Albany Park 

Makki first caught my eye when I spied the aforementioned Jim Shoe on it's menu. For those unaware of this lesser known Chicago style sandwich you can click HERE. The Jim Shoe tends to be found on menus of South and West side establishments so seeing one on offer in Albany Park caught my eye. I searched around online and found a pic and it showed they make their Jim Shoe's by layering sliced meats on top of each other. I prefer the spots that chop it all up and mix it together.

The Menu (Chicago style portion of it)

When searching around about their Jim Shoe I also came to read they make a pretty mean cheese steak. Not in the traditional Philly way but rather the Chicago style that you'll find on the menu at the same type of places that make a Jim Shoe. This means chopped up steak mixed with well fried onion and green peppers served on a toasted roll layered with a sweet bbq sauce like condiment and melted cheese. It works. Shout out to the girl on yelp who convinced me to try this obviously popular sandwich as there was a group of 20 something Hispanic kids eating them at a table next to me while another guy of Middle Eastern descent called in an order for two to go.

Cheese Steak Sandwich 

The Chicago style portion of the menu seems well done but to me the reason to come here is for the Pakistani part. It's not large but biryani, butter masala, and samosas are on it. I knew I wanted to try the biryani when I saw a couple white businessmen each eating an order while waiting on my sandwich. I made it back and tried both it and the beef samosas. I'm not an expert in biryani but this was a stellar example of a fantastic 'cheap eats' lunch. The rice was mixed with peppers and onions and the chicken was tender. All together it was slightly smokey and nice and spicy with the hot sauce mixed in. I suppose some people dont want to hear this but Makki is every bit as American as the local small town Dairy Queen. It proudly serves people from all walks of life. Let's all follow along.

Chicken Biryani and a Beef Samosa (tasty)

Makki Fast Food
4702 N Kimball Ave
Chicago, IL 60625
(773) 661-4430

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This is one of the most astonishing venues that I've attended for my numerous experiences. This place is spot on with the decorations. The overall experience at LA event venues was amazing! Had a fun and comfortable time here.


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