Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Al's Deli

-The Sammy's of Chi

Today we turn back the clock and check out an old favorite amongst Chicago's culinary driven. Al's Deli has been an Evanston mainstay going on over 60 years (Since 1949). It's one of the original spots I sought out when this online food thing actually became a thing for not just me but ton's of others. I remember reading about it back in the golden age of LTHforum and have been a semi regular customer ever since then. Al's is truly a treasure in that once it's gone so is this style of deli.

Longtime locals favorite in Evanston

Al's labels itself as a French Deli. The current owners took over from their dad. Bread is delivered fresh daily and aside from sandwiches the soups and cookies are also popular. Having just visited Paris a couple months ago I finally felt what people mean when they say it's like a little piece of Paris planted in Evanston. The atmosphere here is as old school as anywhere as far as a sandwich shop can go. It's long and narrow and you get the feeling some things haven't been moved in years.

The Menu (click pics to enhance)

While I'm sure all of the sandwiches at Al's are fantastic I've pretty much always stuck to roast beef. The only question for me is which type of bread I want it on. I slightly prefer the French baguette but the seven grain isn't anything to be looking down on. While I typically only like bleu cheese dressing mixed with Buffalo sauce, I enjoy the combination of it with this fresh cut rare roast beef as well. It's probably the closest thing Chicagoland has to old school roast beef. The type that's made on-site and not in a factory across state lines. I don't make it to Evanston often but when I do Al's is an option.

Roast Beef on Seven Grain Bread

Al's Deli
914 Noyes St
Evanston, IL 60201
(847) 475-9400


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