Friday, May 9, 2014

Country Store & Catering

- The Midwest: Butchers + Bakers + Sausage and Cheese Makers

Lets get this tour rolling with warm weather and summer fun to come. I stopped into here a couple summers back and like every other local butcher shop I've been into, I really enjoyed my visit.

Sycamore, IL

According to their website this family owned and operated business has been serving the people of DeKalb County for over 25 years. I remember not buying anything as far as meats to cook in my own backyard go and that's because they roll with the slogan "The Butcher that Cooks". Good burger, good chop. Like you'd get if your buddy was a butcher and hosting people over at his place of rest for food and drink.

Cheeseburger made from fresh ground on site beef

A pork chop sandwich straight from the display case onto the grill outside

Country Store & Catering
456 N Main St
Sycamore, IL 60178
(815) 899-2333


Ed Crotty said...

Looks good. Have to take a trip to Sycamore.

My boys and I followed your post for an Aurora taco tour a few weeks ago and it was great ( Taco Movil!! ).

Anyway, for encased meats - you have got to try Kreger's Brats in Naperville (just north of the Metra ( ) - also on the weekends Casey's grocery ( about a mile or so South ) Fires up the grill with *their* brats ( I always get the skirt steak tacos! ).

Hope you can make it out to Naperthrill -
Solemn Oath Brewery is great.
Bien Trucha is supposed to open in Naperville in 2015. The Rueben at Features Bar and the Patty melt at "your neighbors" bar are both awesome. There's also a lot of "nice" ($$$) places in town. But the less said about them the better...... Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


If you get the opportunity during your travels, try Big Rock Café (formerly known as the Country Café) in Big Rock, IL. If you're going out I-88, take the Sugar Grove exit and keep going west on Route 30. Their address is 103 Galena which is really Route 30. It's a really old fashion country breakfast spot, and it's always crowded with local farmers.

Their biscuits and gravy are both made in house from scratch daily, and are some of the best biscuits and gravy I've ever had. Good stuff. A nice piece of small town Midwest Americana.


cpd007 (Rob)


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