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Woori Village

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Korean BBQ in Niles

It's been a while since we stopped in at a real deal Asian restaurant so today I thought we would over to Niles and visit Woori Village for lunch. Located in a strip mall, Woori is a large place and it gets packed on the weekends. We visited on a weekday and there were still plenty of Koreans in there enjoying lunch.

a locals favorite in Niles, IL

I was brought here by a friend who was recommended it by her good friend when she asked where we could find me some good bi bim bop. Korean food is varies. There's noodle dishes, rice dishes, rice cake dishes, seafood, meat, vegetarian, soup, stew, stir-fry, barbecue... all kinds of things. As always the lunch started out with the tray of small bowls of a little bit of everything aka pan chans. With kimchee and all that other good stuff, it's hard not to get a little filled up even before the main dishes come when eating at a Korean place.

Compliments of the house

My friend wanted to eat here because she loves the soup which she gets whenever she dines at Woori with her best friend. We went here overt he summer so I cant totally remember what soup she got that I snapped this picture of but I believe it was a jang choong dong which has a spicy beef based red broth. It was very good and would be even better in the winter months now. If anyone knows more, please feel free to comment.

Spicy Korean Soup

Woori is a buffet and does do Korean BBQ but we were only there for an easy lunch but a light Korean lunch is still bigger than most. We also got a order of Korean scallion pancakes, which she loves and I started to love. I always liked them but this version at Woori won me over.

Pan Jun aka Korean pancake

Then there's the bi bim bap, one of my favorites. At first I was being a little bit of a food snob when I saw that theirs came with ground beef. I'm not sure if you can upgrade to steak but I didn't and got ground beef. At first I was like WTF but after a couple bites I was like hot damn! It came served in a stone bowl and the rice was crispy and browned on the bottom, just the way I like it. All in all this was a very good version and I should of known from the get go since my friends good friend is Korean and knows whats good. Make a day of it and stop in at the King Spa and Sauna which is located in the same complex.

Bi Bim Bop from Woori Village

Woori Village
8526 West Golf Road
Niles, IL 60714
(847) 966-8990

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