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Mazo's Hamburgers

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The Burgers of Wisconsin

Warm weather is very near and that means some summertime excursions are too. Chicagoan's flock to Milwaukee quite often especially over the summer for Cub's-Brewers games along with Summerfest and family fun. It's a very underrated city and for being so close to Chicago makes for a great time with not too much work getting there or money spent while there. I went up to Milwaukee in late February for a Bulls-Bucks game at the Bradley Center. It was a great night we had a blast and ate and drank very well at some classic Milwaukee establishments which I'll report on as the days go by. But today I wanted to share a famous burger joint in Milwaukee that's been around since the 30's. I visited Mazo's this past summer and it was classic old school Milwaukee. If your heading to Milly this weekend (3/25-3/27) for the Bull's-Buck's game and like burgers and shakes you might want to check this place out.

a locals favorite in Milwaukee, WI

According to Mazo's website "It all started in 1934." The year that the current owners father, John Mazos, opened his first restaurant at 14th Street and Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee. "Times were difficult but John correctly thought that people had to eat. He served his hamburgers for 5 cents each and business prospered." Eventually Mazo's moved and Nick, the owners son would take control in 1954 when he returned home from service. Nick spent most of childhood at the restaurant learning the tricks of the trade. Mazo's has maintained the same quality and upkeep since it's beginning and is loved by generations of Milwaukeeans. Inside it's vintage with the service counter with stools and the grill right behind them. Mazo's has been grounding their beef fresh on site since it's start.

The view from the counter

Anyplace that's been doing up burgers and shakes since the 30's will always be on my "to get to" list. On my visit last summer it was almost full with customers but it was only me ordering so I just got one to go from the young waitress. She said her favorite was the bacon cheeseburger so that's what I went with. I asked for it medium rare and that's is how it came out. The beef had that real beef flavor and the grilled onions and bacon as always paired well. It reminded me alot of a good old fashioned diner burger and I was very happy with the product. It's also really nice that Leon's Custard, the famous Milwaukee custard stand, is across the street and that's the only reason I didn't order a milkshake from Mazo's but they seemed to be very popular with how many were being ordered. I liked this burger and would very happily have one again. I think Milwaukee has some great burgers and I'd advise you to check them out.

Bacon cheeseburger from Mazo's

Mazo's Hamburgers
3146 South 27th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53215-4338
(414) 671-2118

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