Monday, February 22, 2010

The Egg Roll King?

-Grubbing in Chicago
The Elusive Egg Roll (Part 3)

Were back on the hunt for that elusive egg roll perfection we've been seeking. So stop #3 takes us to a place on Broadway over in Uptown. Well anyplace that calls itself the Hunan Egg Roll King certainly deserves a shot at the crown however I'll be determining who's King around here. I've actually been here for egg rolls before my recent visit but that was at least 3-4 years ago way before I had a camera and was on this quest. I didn't remember loving them but I also don't remember them tasting like hot garbage so I needed another visit and that came a few days ago.

In Chicago's Uptown neighborhood

Hunan has been in its small storefront for awhile now, I remember it from way back. Inside its a small no nonsense dining room and most of the orders are taken to go or delivered, which is what I recommend you do. The menu is your typical Chinese-American spots menu but I cant speak for anything but the egg rolls. The prices are really low over there and when I paid my recent visit here there were a couple people dining in and at least three others that stopped in for pick up and the lunch specials seemed to be popular. I peeked at the menu and saw that egg rolls came in orders of two and were about three bucks, so pretty cheap. The nice lady told me to give her 5-10 minutes and I said no prob and took a seat to wait for the Hunan Egg Roll Kings egg rolls. Would they take the crown?

Egg Roll from the Egg Roll King

So are they the self proclaimed King of Egg Rolls? or the peoples choice? well while they were not bad I still enjoyed the rolls from stops one and two much more. The Hunan's rolls were a little longer in length than the other two spots but that's about where it ended with advantages it had over them. The egg rolls were somewhat soft and not very crispy and it was even hard to slice it open because the roll was pretty limp. After I was able to gut it open I noticed it was real heavy on the cabbage and real light on the meat and or shrimp. The hot mustard was the stuff in the packets that most places use so another not so good thing. All in all the egg roll was fine but nothing about it was top notch. If I lived right near here I may even get an order of them again here and there out of convenience but have no reason to drive there for them.

These egg rolls didn't have the perfect balance sought

Hunan Egg Roll King
4204 North Broadway
Chicago, IL 60613-1610
(773) 883-2647

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