Friday, November 13, 2009

Turkey Day Treats

--Tailgatin' and how to make mofos start playa hatin' (Recipes)

I'm saddened to say that I never got around to frying up a turkey pre-Thanksgiving this year. I wanted to do a little experimentation and document the process and recipe on here but I just never had the time to do it. It was about six maybe seven years ago that my dad decided he wanted to deep fry a turkey to go along with the wonderful baked turkey my aunt makes each Thanksgiving. I've been going to Thanksgiving on the southside with my moms side of the fam since I can remember and Danny's (my dad) Fried turkeys have become as much a part of them as Mary Eileen's asparagus roll's (more on them another day) and the rest of the amazing spread we chow down each Thanksgiving holiday.

-Snoopin' around

a peak into my favorite food sites

I'm not a big turkey guy and to go along with that fact, my aunts oven baked birds are so good that I'll never duplicate them so therefore I never make turkey. I just get as much in me as I can every fourth Thursday in November. But then when my dad and I fried up that first bird some seven years ago I wondered why people even bother baking them. If I'm making turkey, which is rare these days but I don't think will be so in the future, I'm taking that bird and dropping it in hot oil. No ifs and's or buts about it. However that was until I caught a peek at the Chili cheese fry guy's baked turkey. Who is the chili cheese fry guy?!?! The dude that runs which if you don't know need to. is one of the best recipe sites on the 'net

This from the site "Frankly if you are looking for 30 minute or $10 meals, you won’t find many here. I don’t cook everyday but when I do, it’s all out and all about bold, spicy, rich food. Not that anyone should eat like this everyday but these recipes are for times when you want to indulge and prepare food that will carpet bomb your and your guests’ taste buds." Put together by a native of Baton Rouge, so you know he knows good food, it might be the best men's cooking site out there. All original recipes and all will have you printing them out and putting them in your to do list if you keep one like me. I never thought I would make a baked turkey as I said above. Until I saw CCF dudes original recipe for his own baked bird.

Bitchin' Firebird

Chili Cheese Fry Guys baked turkey (Pic from

The recipe is what I call a "sure thing" in that you just know its good. I cant wait to try it up. If your looking for something different or are in charge of the bird for your Thanksgiving dinner then check it out right HERE.

-Sampling America's "Micro Fooderies"

If you liked my tip from up above then your going to really like this one. I got an email a few months back from a passionate person in the food world. It was from Ron Broughton and his team at Tribal Moose. They explained how they love S'C&C and wanted to send me a package of their cranberry based sauces. Started in 2005 by Ron who started coming up with ideas and recipes for his sauces back in 1988 while growing up in Seward, Alaska. Not to drift off topic but Alaska State Troopers is one of my fave TV shows right now. A young Ron would always cook with his grandmother and during the 80's he gathered his ideas and perfected his recipe and turned into a full company in 2005 based out of Oregon.

Tribal Moose Cranberry BBQ sauce...a must for your fried turkey

Now if you know me I'm not going to BS, I've gotten other stuff from other companies that you wont see on here because I didn't like it. I've been to places to eat that sucked and so I'm not going to waste my time telling you about them. So when I like something I'm going to let it be known and try to spread the word. I happen to really like Tribal Moose's sauces. As noted above they are cranberry based and aside from both regular BBQ sauce and spicy they also have ketchup and a steak sauce. The first thing I thought when I learned about Tribal Moose was "that would be great for thanksgiving fried turkey" and of course for any leftovers to make sandwiches with the next day. I'm a big fan of the spicy version and my little cousins ate up all the ketchup at a BBQ and loved it. I made sure to save a bottle for my thanksgiving fried turkey and cant wait for the day to arrive.

a must for any fried turkey tailgate or holiday dinner

I would HIGHLY recommend checking out their site and ordering a few for your holiday festivities and backyard BBQ grilling sessions. Click HERE to learn more. Happy Holidays.

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