Friday, September 4, 2009

Chicago's OG Dog Gets Some Pub

-The other Chicago-style hot dog: Depression dog's (with recipe)

Its officially been one year.

S'C'&C wit Da King started on September 6th, 2008.

Let's celebrate!

Is it safe to say I get around?

I'm sure you've been over to Serious Eats. The NYC based food site is one of the best in the biz at gathering information from the food world and spreading it over the 'net for everyone to enjoy. One of my favorite pieces they do is the "Hot dog of the Week" which are drawings of different regional favorites from the Hot dog world. There is a different hot dog sketch featured each week done by a dope food artist named Hawk Krall. Instead of doing the tourist's version of a Chicago style dog, my man Hawk did it right and decided to feature the Depression Dog or the "minimalist" as its known by many of its supporters. Its about time the real Chicago Style Hot Dog got its due diligence and a big up to Hawk for doing it right. Among the other regional dog's featured on there already have been-The West Virginia Slaw Dog, Hawaiian Puka Dogs, Philly's version of a Combo and a few others. Not only did Hawk sketch up a great portrait of the Chicago dog but he did a good job in explaining the history and why its the Depression dog that is real Chicago. Click HERE for the entire read from Serious Eats.

The Real Chi Dog of the Week: Artwork by Hawk Krall

I think I've done a good job explaining on here what exactly the real Chicago Hot Dog is. In case your new or just finding the site then check out the links at the bottom of each photo to learn more about them. So here is where you need to go to get your authentic Chicago hot dog fix.

I still stand by 35th being the best dog in the city (passing G&J for 1st)

35th Street Red Hot's

Jimmy's on Grand and Pulaski: Seriously (Pic from LTH)

Jimmy's Red Hot's

G&J's is no doubt one of the best in the nation and has been forever

Gene & Jude's

I cant tell you how easy it is to duplicate a Chicago-style depression dog at home and its just as easy to make them tailgating. It amazes me how many places still slang shit dogs when they're this easy to make. Have at them this football season.

Minimalist Dog's can be done @ your own home (what you'll need)


Vienna Beef natural casing 8/lb Hot dog's (If they aren't Vienna NC, they aint real)
chopped onions
sport peppers
cheap buns
relish (not pictured) I like mine w/o.

Vienna Beef natural casing hot dogs are smaller all beef tubes that have mad snap to them. These are the world's best hot dog's and they are available at the Vienna beef factory store on Damen ave. as well as their 5/lb NC polish. I don't know of anywhere else that sells them except the places that serve them. Once you have all the ingredients together it's too easy.

~Just place the dog in near boiling water and let it sit for a bit.

~Steam the bun's over some boiling water or just nuke them and dress the dog the same way its done by the real Chicagoans. Of course they aren't quite the same without the fries loaded on top...but still damn good.

a must for any Chicago style tailgate...ala G&J, Jimmy's, 35th and DD's (RIP)

Vienna Beef Factory Store & Café
2501 N. Damen Ave.
open til 4p weekday's-3p wkd's

HUGE Tent Sale in the parking lot today & tmw (9/4-9/5)
Natural Casing Dogs are in the bargain bin, get them for your football season

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Anonymous said...

I think the celery salt makes the Chicago style hot dog - but sorry, I leave the onions out! :D

I recently deep fat fried a hot dog for my daughter - OMG did the flavors come alive when I did that! Sadly, my husband just today went to the butcher to get more hotdogs - and they were all out!


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