Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Outdoor Grill

 -Got Beef? (and lamb)
Gyro Shops of Chicago

There's Chicago style hot dog stands and then there's Greek owned Chicago style fast food stands. The latter of which will often serve hot dogs, Italian beef, pizza puffs, and more as well as options like gyros, and Greek chicken dinners served with pita and rice. Today we visit a longtime Greek style fast food establishment just off the corner of Milwaukee and Pulaski. Outdoor Grill sits in a strip mall with a few other common strip mall tenants like a laundry mat and a Chinese takeout type place.

Locals Favorite in Kilbourn Park

I'm not sure how long Outdoor Grill has been going but it's been a while. You can tell by the looks of the place and the actual menu listed above the grill space and all that. The menu has all the selections you'll see at these Greek owned Chicago style fast food spots. Every now and then I'll stop into one for a chicken pita sandwich when the taste for one comes calling. These are pretty much the same thing as a gyro just with grilled chicken replacing the gyro meat. Outdoor Grill makes a good one. No surprise bc the chicken (served a variety of ways) is regularly mentioned in online reviews.

Chicken Pita Sandwich at Outdoor Grill

The most mentioned item in online reviews, by far, are the gyros. They seem to push the gyros too as Kronos ads line the inside and the workers too who wear Kronos shirts as uniform. Really the only thing they don't seem to have when it comes to Kronos are those old posters of 80's models eating gyros. I don't eat Chicago style gyros all that often. But every now and then the taste for one comes and I can vouch for Outdoor Grill prepping up a good one. Because that's what it really comes down to. How each place preps the factory coned meat is how they stand out from one another. Outdoor Grill keeps the spit running so it's always browning the meat. They also crisp it up on a hot flattop which is usually a no-no when it comes to spits of meat but I prefer my Kronos gyros to be extra crisp as opposed to just heated through. It's much better when it's been crisped up nicely than when it was cut too early and didn't spend any time on a hot flattop. Served with a nice homemade tzatziki.

Gyros Dinner at Outdoor Grill

Outdoor Grill 
3265 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 202-9980


Steve D. said...

I have taken-out from here on occasions. (I fill prescriptions at the adjacent CVS pharmacy.) I had the gyros. I will try the chicken pita the next time.
The last time I was here, due to this Google document by LTHF's member 'eating_while_walking', I ordered its Italian beef. It was actually quite good. I encourage you to try it also.

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