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-Grubbing in Chicago
New to the 'Scene'

Over the last few years the stretch of Milwaukee through Logan Square has seen a big boom in bars and restaurants. There's no signs of a slowdown with new openings being announced monthly. One of the more interesting ones was Twain which came around near the end of the summer last year.

Newly Opened in Logan Square

Twain is a couples homage to Midwest cooking. The menu here takes inspiration from Midwest culinary traditions as well as spiral laced cookbooks from churches and Junior leagues. There's lots to work with as far as that goes. Some of the more interesting things I've ate from here include a delicious braunschweiger pate. Served with some fresh rye bread and a mustard sauce this tasted like something I'd get at Baumgartner's in Monroe, WI. I loved the livery taste of the housemade pate smeared on the bread with mustard. Unfortunately I don't think is on the menu anymore. Other fun little odes to the Midwest include a twice baked potato gnocchi which was made with fluffy gnocchi sitting in a hallowed out potato skin and topped with bacon, sour cream, and cheese. One of the Midwest's best food traditions is represented in a plate of fried perch served with crispy potatoes.

Midwest Comfort Food at Twain

You cant really have a restaurant these days without a burger. You definitely cant have a Midwest  menu without one. I had my eyes on Twain's burger from the time they opened. I didn't get it right away and it kind of changed up while I waited. Originally they were serving their classic double on a housemade Sheboygan style hard roll but it seems like they switched that up to a sesame seeded roll. The burger is dressed with St. Louis favorite Provel cheese and mustard and pickles. It's a damn good burger but even better are the fries. Cooked in beef tallow these are my new favorite fries in the neighborhood now that Animale has closed. Go during Happy Hour and you can have them on the cheap with some good drink specials. I still need to try the chicken and dumpling dish many have mentioned as delicious. As a resident of the neighborhood this is exactly the type of spot you like to have as your neighbor. Laid back meal or night out with friends. You can go either way at Twain.

The Twain Burger

2445 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 697-8463

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