Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Rico's Pizza

-The other Chicago-style pizza: Tavern Style

I always get excited when I'm made aware of an old school Chicagoland spot that I have yet to check off. So when my guy @southsideslither told me about his favorite pizza place I told him we gotta go. It took us a minute to make that happen but just a couple months ago we rolled over to the South suburb town of Lansing near the Illinois/Indiana border. Home to Rico's Pizza. A locals favorite.

Locals Favorite in Lansing

As my guy told me this was the pizza he grew up on. They’ve been carry out / delivery since the 70’s. First trip in and the things that stood out most were the not too sweet sauce and the fact they don’t paint the pie too red with it. The topping portioning was perfect. It reminded me a bit of Villa Nova. The sausage was missing that fennel us Chicagoan's love and my guy had mentioned that was something he noticed a while back. Other than that this was a really well made tavern thin pizza. You know your city’s pizza scene is legit when a place like this can stay relatively unknown. Check it out.

Large Sausage Pizza at Rico's Pizza 

Rico's Pizza
3651 Ridge Rd
Lansing, IL 60438
(219) 972-2630

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