Monday, May 13, 2019

Noodle Deli

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A new noodle emporium in the Suburbs

There's some exciting openings happening out in the NW suburbs. The Hoffman Estates / Palatine / Schaumburg area has been a hotbed for international dining for over a decade now. Expect to see quite a few openings over the next six months. A few spots having already arrived. One of them is this new noodle shop in Hoffman that goes by Noodle Deli. It sits in the middle of a large strip mall.

Newly Opened in Hoffman Estates

I'm not sure what used to be housed in this space but it looks and feels like one of those old time suburban sushi shacks. I couldn't figure out what type of restaurant this was by just looking at the menu. It's fairly large with hints this place could be Chinese, Korean, or even Taiwanese. Eventually I just asked our friendly waitress and she told me the owner was from Shaanxi, China. This made sense since there's a few dishes from this region. One of my favorites being shredded potato stir fry. We got an order off of the chefs special section and it delivered in the taste department. For those that aren't sure what this is they finely shred potatoes and then stir fry them. Like hash browns. 

Stir Fry Potatoes at Noodle Deli

The noodle selection is abundant. There must be at least 15 options. All of them with your choice of noodles all of which are made in house. From what I could gather the tomato beef noodle soups seemed to be one of their specialties. They offer it a few ways as far as what type of beef you want with it. I tried this with the tendon and it was wonderful. No idea which country this dish has a background in but I do remember tomato soup being big in Hong Kong. What I liked about this was it wasn't too tomatoey. The beef tendon was extra tender and that was really nice too. You could tell the noodles were freshly cut bc they lost their firmness as time passed by. The portions are no joke and neither is the pricing. Most noodle bowls are right around $10 and could maybe feed two. I'd go back.

Tomato Noodle Tendon at Noodle Deli

Noodle Deli
2 Golf Center
Hoffman Estates, IL 60169
(847) 882-4499

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