Monday, May 6, 2019

Chicken Pollo Shack

-Grubbing in Chicago
A new Humboldt Park Chicken Specialist

After the guys from Philly Bros moved from Humboldt to Lincoln Park I wondered what would replace them in that space. I remembered how they really cleaned up the inside and made it seem like new. It seemed like the perfect opportunity for someone looking for their own restaurant space. Not only was it ready for move-in but rent had to be cheaper in these parts than a neighborhood over in Logan Square. Well it sat empty for over a year which was surprising. It wasn't until just recently that it became inhabited once again. This time in the form of a chicken shack from a familiar face to a few of us. The family behind Xocome Antojeria sold that spot and the son now runs Chicken Pollo Shack.

 Newly Opened in Humboldt Park

The location of Chicken Pollo Shack might be a bit further west than most have traveled. But you're rewarded with a meal that would cost upwards of 33% more if it was in any of the trendier 'hoods. At first the name might sound a bit repetitive but not when you learn they do both fried chicken and also grilled chicken. The former can be ordered anywhere from a 1/4 bird to a whole one while the grilled is available in half and whole portions. Fried chicken comes with cole slaw and fries. Pollo Asado comes with tortillas, rice, and beans. What you see pictured below is a 1/4 of fried with 1/2 of grilled. You get to choose between a handful of homemade sauces including an ode to Chicago style mild.

Chicken Feast at Chicken Pollo Shack

Both the fried chicken and the pollo asado are pretty damn good. The grilled bird is rubbed with their chimichurri sauce and so it comes out a bit oily but that oil settles into the tortillas really well. Speaking of which they're using El Popocatepetl brand corn tortillas which are easily the best of their kind in the city. The fried chicken paired best with the housemade Chicago style mild sauce. The sauce itself was really good and I'll probably end up getting some wings with it next time. As far as which style I preferred they're both good and very reasonably priced but the tie always goes to tacos.

Fried and Grilled Chicken at Chicken Pollo Shack

Chicken Pollo Shack
3944 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL 60651
(773) 904-8846

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