Monday, June 19, 2017

Grill Master

-Grubbing in Chicago  
Central Asian Grilled Meats

Nothing quite turns my ahead around than a new (to me) restaurant. Whenever I see one I make sure to see what they're serving and then make a mental note if it looks like a place I'd like to try. As was the case with Grill Master. From the looks of it this is one of those generic grills where they serve everything from burgers to gyros but peek a bit closer and you'll see it's actually a Central Asian joint.

Newly Opened in Avondale

I'd driven by Grill Master a few times but it wasn't until a friend from the gym told me I must go that I finally made a point of doing so. The folks behind this place come from Kyrgyzstan which is a country in Central Asia bordering the Silk Road. Over the last five years Chicago has seen a few Central Asian restaurants open up and Grill Master is the latest. The menu is pretty simple with kebabs being the focal point though there's other Kyrgyz favorites like grilled lamb ribs and such. Kebab plates come in two sizes ($8 / $13) and make for a great dinner. The lamb was just right as far as flavor while the tender meat gave little resistance when cutting it up. I'm not sure if the BBQ sauce on the side is Kyrgyz or an American touch but it works mixed with the meat and semi sticky rice.

Lamb Kebab at Grill Master

As far as menu items you don't often see they had a few that caught my eye. The picture of the Beef Jarovnya looked good enough to try it my next visit in. Basically this is a beef stir fry and it comes paired with either vegetables or potatoes and is also available with chicken. I got to say that I usually avoid beef at Asian spots as it's usually gross but not the case here. The beef was extra tender and easily ripped apart. Served with sliced bell peppers, onion, zucchini, and paired with a big bowl of rice it was a huge plate of food that could stretch into two separate meals. Delicious. Service has come with a smile and thank you upon paying. Grill Master opens at 5p and stays open late. I'm a fan.

Beef Jarovnya at Grill Master

Grill Master
2949 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 961-7639

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Michael said...

That location is worth keeping an eye on-- it has been at least three Central Asian businesses now, going back to this one:

That one had a fantastic baker, I wonder where she went.


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