Friday, June 23, 2017

Bubs Dog House

Eating like a local:
Regional food specialties
- Floating Vendors in the Chain O' Lakes

I spent the weekend out in the Fox Lake area recently and we did some boating while there. I'd been up this way before but never made it out on the water. A big group of us rented a pontoon boat and spent Saturday on the water. Much to my surprise the area had a few floating hot dogs stands.

Locals Favorite in Chain o' Lakes

With it being a beautiful weekend and summer just starting the water was packed with people. Lots of boats but none caught my eye more than one with a Vienna Beef sign on it's side. I looked closer and was surprised to see a pontoon boat turned hot dog stand. Just a short while later we saw another and we knew where lunch was coming from. After pulling up alongside their boat we tied ours up to theirs and they took our orders. The menu was pretty basic as far as burgers and dogs but they also had brisket sandwiches and even fries as well other fried goods all fried on board. Pretty impressive.

Chicago style Hot Dog 

When you're being served food in the middle of a lake you cant complain too much so while the Chicago style hot dog might not have been the best I ever ate it certainly did the trick of filling up my empty stomach before hitting the floating bar afterwards. But the sweet pickle had to go. I thought that was almost as bad as ketchup on a Chicago dog. The fresh patted burger however was much better. Nothing too special but nothing wrong with it either. In the end this was a stop I'd make again if I had a place out there and owned a boat as it's hard to beat the convenience of it. Fun times.

Cheeseburger everything at Bubs Doghouse

Bubs Dog House
Chain o' Lakes

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