Friday, May 17, 2013

Danny's Egghead Diner

-Eating like a Mayan King in the Windy City

Welcome back. We hope you're enjoying our Mexican Food Fiesta Special this month in honor of all the great eating options we have when it comes to it. Today we head over to Danny's Egghead Diner in the North Center neighborhood. Other than my man Mike Sula from the Reader I haven't seen or heard much discussion about this recently opened diner with a portion of the menu dedicated to some good honest Mexican cooking.

Irving Park just West of Lincoln Avenue

Located in the old Alp's East spot they didn't do much to fix up the insides. But I kind of like the old timey feel. It gives the place a little character. They still have the solo seats at the counter and some big 1970's style booths to hold families who visit on the weekends. Plenty of folks from different walks of life dining in on my visit. The menu has the usual suspects you would find at an American diner but also some Mexican influenced options courtesy of the chef who has a background in the cuisine. I was particularly impressed with the brunch specials list on my visit.  Hash is hot right now and Danny's does a good one.

Before and After Chorizo and Black Bean Hash

The hash plate was about what you'd expect when ordering it. Why wouldn't nicely crisped chorizo atop country potatoes with cheese, a fried egg and a nice heaping spoonful of house made Guac not be good? Also worth ordering are the "Enchiladas Mamacita" off the house specialties portion of the menu. Chicken enchiladas take a bath in a nice smokey red sauce and are topped with a fried egg, guacamole and some sour cream with rice served on the side. The taste is as good as the presentation. Danny's Diner? I'm down.

Enchiladas Mamacita

Danny's Egghead Diner
2012 W. Irving Park Rd
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 857-0171

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