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Grilled Chicken Special

-Grubbing in Chicago 
Where's the grilled bird at?

Grilled chicken. It's one of the simple things so many of us enjoy and because it's so simple, many of us prefer to make it in the backyard with a beer. But not everyone wants to sit outside when it's 20 degrees out. So when the craving comes and you don't have the time or means to grill your own, seek out some of these spots featured in our special here today.

Chicken Hut

This longtime Locals Favorite at the corner of Belmont and Broadway has been around for most of my life. It's a nice place to stop in for lunch when you're in need of something quick and easy. I'm not sure this place has much of anything else on their menu except for maybe a chicken pita or salad or something. It's a spot where they pick an item and do it up well.

Grilled Chicken in the windows

Because of the busy foot traffic and people that work nearby the Hut seems to always have chickens on the grill during the daytime. The result is a nice modestly seasoned juicy bird more times than not. A 1/2 chicken with choice of potato and a pita will set you back about $7 and you cant beat that. I've always liked their salsa they offer on the side and get extra for dipping my chicken in.

 1/2 Grilled Chicken Dinner

Chicken Works and Salad Company

Popular stop at the corners of Irving Park and Elston

This might be my favorite of the places that do simple style grilled chicken. I've been coming here for a while now but never really gave it any love except to say I liked the place when people would ask me about it. What I like is the fact they do a steady lunch crowd so if you're in there during the day you can see all the chicken grilling away fresh for consumption. It's always wonderfully moist and their sides are good too. The chicken pita sandwich packs a punch for the price. If a nice salad done your way is your idea of a good lunch, they have a nice salad bar with many options. Some folks I know swear by them for catering. When Fuckerberg sings your praises you're doing something right. Check them out.


Chickens Grilling Away, Tasty Mac & Cheese, a Good Chicken Pita Sandwich, great grilled chicken

Nick's Pit Stop

Another place that's been around for ages. Long before Bucktown and Wicker Park we're hot places to live with lots of good options to eat at, Nick's was slanging grilled chicken on Damen just North of Armitage. I ate here a few times as my buddy lives down the block. However I hadn't been in for a couple years band tried their chicken pita sandwich recently and while it was good it wasn't on par with The Works and Co. I remember liking their grilled bird for a quick fix.

Nick's Chicken Pita Sandwich

Pollo Express

Mexican grilled chicken places are abundant in Chicago. Pollo Express in Pilsen on 18th street might not do much to catch the eye other than the yellow awning but dont pass this place if you're a fan of grilled chicken. This is not only some of the city's best but one of the best deals as far as feeding an army or family can go. Cooked over charcoal on certain days it's buy one whole get a half free. A meal includes chips and a bunch of salsas as well as a package of corn tortillas and some top notch pickled red onions and some really stellar baked beans with little slices of cheap hot dogs in them and rice too. I love the beans. All this makes for some great chicken tacos when you assemble it all together.

"Homemade" Chicken Tacos

Chicks 'n Salsa

Glen Ellyn, IL

Out in Dupage County there's a popular Fresh-Mex grill in Glen Ellyn called Chicks 'n Salsa. I was first put on to this place by the Hungry Hound and always wanted to try it and got to do so one day when I was passing thru on the highway a while back. They specialize in fire grilled chicken with a Mexican flare and their Baja Style fish tacos were named the best in Chicagoland by Steve Dolinskey and also the Chicago Tribune.

Image Image
Salsa Bar and some Red Enchiladas

When you order a chicken plate you can take a visit to their fresh salsa bar and help yourself to some of the nice offerings they have there. I'm a sucker for Tex-Mex style enchiladas and I thought there red ones with ground beef were a decent representative of what I like. Their chicken is really good too. Of all the places on here it along with Chicken Works produced the crispiest skin I had.

Grilled Chicken Plate

But most people that mention Chicks 'n Salsa will do so when talking about their super popular Baja Style fish tacos. For whatever reason great fish taco options are not abound in the city. Places like Big Star leave little pieces of pre-fried fish sitting on display and others mess it up one way or another. But these are near perfect making me wish they were somewhat close to the city quite often. I've never been to San Diego but those that have who were with me said these were comparable with the exception of the ocean being in sight.

Great Baja Style Fish Tacos found in the suburbs

Chicken Hut
3200 N Broadway St 
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 868-1755

Chicken Works and Salad Company
3658 W Irving Park Rd 
Chicago, IL 60618
(773) 588-5488

Nick's Pit Stop
2011 N Damen Ave 
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 342-9736

Pollo Express
1315 W 18th St 
Chicago, IL 60608
(312) 829-1550

Chicks 'n Salsa
874 E Roosevelt Rd
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137
(630) 790-1100

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