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5 More Super Recipes

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It's Super Bowl weekend and usually I have a big special for it with all sort of recipes but not this year. However I do have five fast ideas that I found myself while searching the web for dinner ideas. All of these dishes also happen to be very hearty so I wanted to make sure I shared them now as we head down the stretch with winter. You cant go wrong with any of these and they're a good example of why I like to look further than the typical recipe websites. As for my Super Bowl Prediction. A Harbuagh will win.

Chicken and Tasso Stew over White Rice

February typically has the type of weather that makes me want to eat something Cajun/Creole. Not that there's ever a bad time for this wonderful style of food but theres something about filling the house with pungent aromas on a cold rainy day. The Super Bowl is also down in New Orleans this year so we're starting with something good from the Bayou.

My results from the recipe Thursday Night Smackdown shared

I loosely followed  recipe online after I needed to use some frozen chicken strips from the freezer and came away with one that will go into my regular winter rotation. On top of deciding to serve this over white rice I added spices to make the Creole seasoned chicken strips. This is quick and it's the good stuff.

What's not to like?

 Spicy Asian Slow Cooker Kalbi Ribs

This easy recipe will have the house smelling great and is perfect for a Sunday. Some places sell Korean style beef kalbi ribs cut thin and this recipe is a real winner if you ever want something easy but a whole lot better than spaghetti and sauce from a can. Along with the recipe I found I also added some sauteed veggies and added some seared scallops to the plate. An Asian style Surf & Turf. I'll be making these again.

My results from the recipe Corkscrews & Curls shared

 Stroganoff and Spaetzle

This one came as a result of not wanting to leave the place on a cold and rainy day. I had a package of spaetzle as well as everything else needed to make a mean take on this classic comfort dish. I never thought of substituting spaetzle for egg noodles in this old school Russian dish but its great and I'll make it again the same way some day soon. Razor Family Farms shared their wonderful recipe for this.

Lasagna Enchiladas

This was a pretty simple recipe that just came to my head, I'm sure it's been done before. However I'll put this against the rest as I put love and quality ingredients into it. Well quality ingredients anyway. I did   homemade red sauce with cherry tomatoes, roasted garlic, diced bell peppers and onions and the Italian sausage from Tenuta's in Kenosha.

What you'll need + Sauce

Just cook the sausage on a grill until cooked thru and while doing so boil some lasagna noodles in a pot. Once noodles are ready, remove and cool down a bit. Add a mixture of Ricotta (10 oz) and shredded mozzarella (1/4 cup) and Parmesan (1/4 cup) into a bowl and mix it together. Spread the mixture evenly onto each noodle and slice the sausage links in half. Roll half of each link up into the noodle and place into a baking dish with the bottom layered in sauce. I made this the night before and baked it the next day.

Note: Two Noodles needed for every piece of sausage cooked

Add sauce on top and more shredded mozzarella cheese and bake

Image Image
They call me Chef Boyar-T over at the shop...

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas

I loosely followed the Homesick Texan's recipe. I've used some other recipes from her featured upthread as well. No Tex-Mex isnt fancy food but it's great for tailgates and gamedays. I'm not afraid to admit I'm a fan of this food. A couple things I switched up on her recipe were the prep of the tomatillos which I roasted over lump charcoal instead of under a broiler. This added some deep flavor depth to the sauce.

Charcoal Roasted Tomatillos

Getting ready at the prep station

The Sour cream and Tomatillo sauce over the enchiladas, cheese goes on top

Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas...BEARS!

See ya next time @chibbqking

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