Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Philly Express

-The Sammy's of Chi

I was out in Long Grove at some point this past summer and headed over to Vernon Hills to try a cheese steak place that I had remembered someone saying I should try. Philly Express labels itself as having the best cheesesteak sandwich in Lake County.

 When I went in there were quite a few high school aged kids in there ordering steaks and other baked subs and such. The guy behind the counter started chatting me up and asked if I had ever been to Philly's Best in the city. I told him "yeah" and he asked what I thought? I said it was ok, he then told me they're much, much better and he is the brother in law of the guy that owns those. He said his sandwiches were much bigger and better quality at that. I tried a regular with but they do have a wide variety of specialty steaks on the menu. The result? It tasted virtually the same and thus just ok, a place I'm sure I'd eat again at if I lived near.

Cheesesteak from Philly Express

Philly Express
701 N Milwaukee Ave #104
Vernon Hills, IL
(847) 816-4000

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